Friday, September 18, 2009

Instead of the gym...

I really should have gone to the gym this morning, but really didn't want to. I was still debating with myself when my visiting teachers called to see if they could come by! And so sad...they wanted to come before I would be back from the gym. Just what I needed, a reason to stay home. So instead of going to the gym this morning, I did something much better. I baked?! French bread, cinnamon rolls, and then made some raspberry jam. Oh, the cinnamon rolls are in the oven now, and they smell so yummy! Maybe I should at least make a little time for wii fit!

Good Things:
1. visiting teachers
2. the smell of cinnamon rolls
3. fresh baked bread

Bad things...tight jeans!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Going ons at our house

The kids are back in school, and I think we have figured out a somewhat regular schedule. B leaves at 5:45 for seminary and the rest of her day. Unfortunately she can't drive herself yet, but we do take turns with a friend, so at least it is only every other week. K leaves at 6:45 for seminary and her day. D and G leave at 7:45, and I leave then sometimes to take D to school, or 8:15 to go the gym, which, by the way hasn't been too regular lately. D gets home around 3:30, the girls not til 5:45. K does have an easy schedule every other day with class done before 11. She should have plenty of time to apply for college, fill out scholarships, work, etc. I am working on that! We are still trying to figure out when to read scriptures. Any suggestions...we are trying the dinner option but know it won't always work.
Soccer has started full force. G is D's coach, yeah. K is varsity and B is JV. So from here until the end of Oct you will find us at one field or another every Saturday and Tuesday. But the kids love it, and it keeps them out of trouble.
I have been busy putting together a school calendar for D's school, going to meetings, back to school nights, and various other things. As you all know, stay at home moms never get to stay home! But if I did, I would probably just waste time. For now, there is no time for that!
We had a great visit over the weekend with my parents. It was nice to just visit and relax with them. I am not the best host, so we didn't do anything. Okay, we did celebrate B's birthday. She turned 15! She requested some really good food for dinner. Salmon, caprese salad, baked potatoes, caesar salad, brazilian lemonade, and truffle torte. YUM
We also had fun with friends in the pool on Monday. I love a day by the pool with friends and food.
Good Things:
1. a visit from mom and dad
2. B
3. Figuring out a schedule