Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Everyone is Okay...

Have your ever received a phone call that started with "Everyone is okay, but..." I received such a call last week while having lunch after a session at the temple. Apparently K and her friend H had a little mishap. Into each other! A hummer will always win when it collides with a jaguar. But, the kids were all okay, and things can be replaced. Kids, not so much.

Both were stopped at a stop light when it happened. Now, I am not really sure how two stationary vehicles can collide, but that is what they tell me. When I asked K's passenger T what happened, thinking okay he is a boy, he was paying attention he said, "the universe shrank."

G was out of town working, where there is no cell service to his phone, and I was an hour away. So H's mom JJ calmed everyone and took care of things until I got home. Thank goodness she was around, because she is usually hard to get a hold of. So that was the excitement at our house this week. I hope we don't have any more of that kind of excitement for a really long time.

Good Things:
1. Safe kids
2. JJ
3. insurance (even if it goes up)

"I knew it was bad when I looked at the hood and the jaguar was gone."
passenger in K's car