Saturday, December 12, 2009

Baby, it's cold outside!

There are many reasons I live where I live. And although the climate really doesn't factor in, I have become very accustomed to the mild climate. I love the windy springs, the hot summer by the pool, the long indian summers, and the warm winters...or so it was until Sunday! The kids had two snow days this week. Now really, it isn't what you think. There were only 8-10 inches of snow, but, we don't have the equipment or crews to deal with it very efficiently. So, no school. The temperatures then plummeted for a few more days, and yesterday we warmed up to 24 as the high. Let me remind you, we don't like it, aren't used to it, and aren't prepared for it. No snow shovels left in this town. Our poor dog shivers, and even I felt sorry for her. I have coped this week by staying exremely close to my fireplace and lots of hot chocolate. Yes, I will admit that I am a wimp when it comes to cold and snow these days. However, we did take some cute pictures in the snow. Brrrr!

Good Things:

1. hot chocolate

2. fireplaces

3. having an excuse to stay hom