Friday, July 15, 2011


Things have been a bit crazy for me, but I think I can take a quick breather before soccer starts. Let me start with Young Women's Camp. ( Yes, I am STILL in the stake young women's)
In April, the camp director had knee surgery, but would have plenty of time to recover to attend camp. Then she got blood clots, and the medication made her sooo sick, all the time. Then her knee wasn't working properly, and I didn't think she could traipse all over the uneven ground, so I told her I didn't think she should come. I know she really wanted to be there, and didn't really like the idea of not going, but she needed to take care of herself. I felt so bad for her, but couldn't make her well. That was about 1-2 weeks before. The week before one counselor had an outpatient surgery, and the other took a son to the MTC and became a Grandma. I currently do not have a secretary. So I did what I could. Because of the really wet winter, the camp was still under 5 feet of snow on Memorial day, so we were a little unsure if we would be able to get in at all. At this point, I knew that somehow, it would all work out to how it needed to be. The Saturday before (June 25) the priesthood went in and shoveled out the amphitheater, and it was determined we were a go for the next week. I went up and Monday, and it was beautiful. It was beautiful on Tuesday morning...And then the rain came, and came, and came. Because of the snow melting from the rain, we had streams everywhere! We decided about noon to send everyone back home. (3 hours) I, of course left my rain gear home, and resorted to a big garbage bag. At one point, I could wring water out of my sleeves, and with a cap on my head, water was running down my back. When we were finally packed, and everyone out of the camp, I got in my car, about 2ish, and it was 46 degrees...Needless to say, my hands were frozen. Once into cell range it was decided to go home and let me meet with my counselors so we could regroup. We came up with a new plan that would enable us to accomplish what was needed, and redo the schedule with rotations for classes, etc. Two wards went to Fort Churchill that night, where the plan was to meet the next morning and continue camp. At 6:15 on Wednesday morning, I got a call from a ward who spent the night, and it was pouring rain, the clouds looked to be settled in, and the weather looked like rain until evening. So after many more phone calls, everyone was set to meet at the church nearby and we would "play it by ear!" Since I was scheduled to teach a workshop, my good counselors put me in a room, and took care of everything. And I do mean everything. They were able to get everyone situationed AND get the 4th year girls of on a hike that they came up with out of the blue. It was pretty chaotic, but they had it all under control. By dinner, it had cleared up, so we moved to camp after dinner, and the evening went according to plan. The next day we were able to go on hikes, okay, maybe they were just walks, but we still went. That evening we had testimony meeting, and things ended well. I think.
The most interesting thing about all of this is that I knew it would all be okay. Yes, I was stressed, and probably more that a little bit crazy, but I knew it would be what Heavenly
Father wanted it to be. I don't know why all of this happened, but it did, and it must have been a lesson that I needed to learn. Even with all of my control issues, I learned that I can only prepare and do so much, and whatever is going to happen will, with or without me. Maybe if we would have followed my original plan, we would have not had the experience that we needed to have. Will I still feel the need to control every little detail....probably, but if it doesn't happen, it will still be okay.
I just have to mention, that everyone was so incredibly flexible and understanding, and really went the extra mile to help out in whatever way they could. I work with amazing women and am so grateful for there goodness. I could not have done it without them! Okay, the stake presidency and our high councilman were really great too. I am so blessed to work with such great people, who put up with me.

Stay tuned for youth conference!

Good Things:
1. Knowing it will all be okay
2. Amazing people to work with
3. Not letting the camp director come...She would have for sure fallen and hurt herself in the muddy mess.