Friday, August 20, 2010

Good Things

I have forgotten about the Good Things!
1. working in my "office" all morning
2. figuring out a program I have been stumped about for a long time
3. Cool evenings

Monday, August 9, 2010


I recently found a very cute swimsuit at Target. It was even on clearance, so I just had to try it on because I am always in need of suits. It was just a top, which was great since I wear board shorts on the bottom to help with the unsightly mom hips. Anyway, I tried it on and it really was so cleavage showing, long enough to cover muffin tops. It seemed to fit all the common criteria of a great thing including the price, since it was on clearance. So I threw it in the cart and away I went, ever so happy with the last suit purchase of the summer season.
We were staying at our timeshare with hot tubs, so when I got there, I pulled off the tag, and went for a little dip in the tubs. Yes, it even looked pretty good in water although a little baggy on the stomach. But that was even better, I wouldn't have to worry about all those ab exercises I have been meaning to do all summer. The next day I was doing a little clean up, and picked up the tags off from the night stand to throw in the trash...WHAT? A MATERNITY SWIM TOP! Yes, I had purchased myself a lovely maternity top. And although I am not pregnant, nor plan to be anytime soon, I will continue to wear my ...Oh, so cute top!
I think I better get real serious about returning to the gym!