Saturday, January 31, 2009


I have been blessed in my life to have three Moms. My real Mom, who raised me to adulthood, and continues to do what she can to finish raising me. My mother in law who welcomed me into G's family and treated me just like all the other kids. And my Mom who adopted my kids as another grandma when we moved here. I am not sure if I adopted her first, or if she adopted me first. My kids know her as Gramma Rita. She passed away last night.

I first got to know Rita as her visiting teacher. She quickly stepped in as my Mom away from home. Although I was her visiting teacher, she helped me far more than I ever helped her. She helped me through many crisis' including miscarriages, and an ectopic pregnancy. She even built shelves for me when I needed more space in the old house. When the kids were little she would come pick them up and take them to the movies, or out for ice cream. Lucky for D, he got to have Gramma Rita as his first grade teacher. With the love of a Gramma, she kept him challenged, and bought numerous books for "her library" so he would have something to read. It is clear to me that I wasn't just assigned to visit teach her, but that Heavenly Father had a greater plan. Clearly I needed Rita in my life.

She battled cancer probably about nine years ago and won that battle. However, it came back several years later, and although she fought hard, she just couldn't win the war. She was such a good person. I don't understand why she had to go through it and suffer the way she did. But I trust that there was a reason. I hope we were all able to learn whatever it was we needed to learn. I know she is needed elsewhere, and that she is comfortable, happy, and proud of her family she left behind.

I have learned so many things from Rita. Here are just a few: You don't have to be related to have a Mom or Gramma. You can always say something nice about someone. Life may not
be what you had planned or expected, but there is always something to smile about.
My life will continue, and so will Rita's, hers on the other side of the veil. However, my life is better because I have known Gramma Rita. Her absence will leave a hole in my heart, but maybe someday it will be filled with adopted Grandkids, and I will think of her.

Good Things:
1. Knowledge of the plan of salvation
2. A Friend who become my Mom away from home
3. Gramma Rita

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oops, I forgot the GOOD THINGS!

1. Rain
2. Kids who take finals seriously, but not too serious.
3. 2 boys who can just go with the flow.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Off to a great start!

Well, the measurable goals are going well, and we are 20 days in. Doesn't it take just 21 days to become a habit? Time will tell.
I just have to tell you all miracles happen, and our friends were all baptized last week. What a wonderful few days it was. Mom J started on Friday with a very private baptism. It isn't everyone who gets to have one daughter speak, and the others sing. Although the water was very cold, our hearts were warmed by the spirit. Then on Saturday, Sisters H and S were baptized. What an event. About 120 people were there. When G went to baptize them, the two sisters were crying and hugging each other, they were so excited. Sister H was baptized first, and once again, they were hugging and crying, and then Sister S. It was truly amazing to feel of the happiness they felt over their decision. Great talks were given on baptism and the Holy Ghost. Even now, I get teary eyed remembering. It started the year off perfectly with the new young men and women theme: 1 Timothy 4:12 " Be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, and in purity." This family, and especially the girls, have been surrounded by examples of the believers, and that was evidenced by those who attended the baptism. We can never underestimate our example, whether it is good or not. And I will do better!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


On Sunday in Relief Society the teacher was saying she isn't very good at setting goals, so I said "A goal not written down is only a wish." Which hopefully she understood that I only know that because I too am really not good at all at setting goals. That I have and have had many wishes in my life. So... I am going to write down my goals for all to see. Maybe I will be able to keep them, and maybe you can help me (or shame me) into keeping them. So, here they are: Take the challenge from Sister Dalton in the January New Era to the young women - Read my scriptures for 5 minutes a day, Say my prayers everyday, and smile. I know, to some of you this probably sounds ridiculous. But I know myself, and need to start small. This is very do- able, and I really should end the year with this accomplished. So far so good. Now, I am setting one more goal that will be more difficult, and even harder to know if I have really given it my best shot. ..I am going to practice being a kinder, less sarcastic, more uplifting person. I know, hard to believe, but a very very good friend of mine (yes, you know who you are!) has got me thinking of all the sarcasm and teasing that I give her, and maybe just maybe, I should repent and be a better friend. And so, that is what I will do. ( reminders are welcome.) Now all the world knows of my New Year's Resolution and it is now more than a wish!
Good Things:
1. Friends who inspire you to do better.
2. Getting back to basics.
3. Friends who know your weaknesses, and are still your friends.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Good Things:
1. A new start
2. A break from the everyday hurry
3. Relaxing with games and snacks