Monday, October 28, 2013

Blessed beyond comprehension

Sister Koenig's blog is going private, if you would like to follow her, please contact me, and I will be happy to add you.  Just want to be safe since I have her address  posted there.

Good Things:
1.  Miracles
2.  Hope
3.  Knowledge

So grateful today for so many things.  I just have such a sense of gratitude for life, family, friends, and knowledge and hope of eternal blessings.  I have so much!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Tournament of Talent

I have a good friend who has to have a bone marrow transplant.  In August, I saw that she and her family were asking for financial help through an organization online.  So I asked if I could do a fundraiser for her.  Although she wanted to say no, her family said yes.  Shelly is an amazing person.  I served with her for over six years in young women's and grew to love and respect her in so many ways.  She has worked at the school through all of my kids, and everyone just loves Shelly.  I knew people would want to help.  So I contacted some people who "get things done," and Tournament of Talent, was born.

The event took place on Saturday, and I was so happy with the results.  It was similar to American Idol.  People auditioned with any talent for a fee, fourteen were chosen to move on to the actual events, then tickets and advertising were sold.  The audience chose the winner by paying for additional votes.  We also had concessions and a live auction of a date with a young man for dinner.  Unfortunately, it was not sold out, but we were able to raise over $6500 for the Shelly. 

I was so impressed with our community, and the very generous donations of so many people.  Also impressive, was the talent, and the many people who helped with this event.  So many donated time, services, and food. It was so exciting to see the community come together and help.  What amazing and capable people I had to work with.  Thank you, Thank you to all who helped in even the smallest way.  It takes a village to pull something like this off, and I was honored to be a part of it, and see first hand how kind, caring, and generous people are.  Today, I hear of a shooting just sixty miles away, and think what is this world coming to? But then I remember the previous weeks of planning and kindness of people on Saturday, and realize there is still good in the world.  We just have to look for it.

Good things:
1. Communities that come together
2. Generous people
3. Friends who have touched my life.

Sister Koenig

About ten days prior to B leaving, I was a wreck! I kept telling myself it was a combination of other responsibilities, but as those responsibilities were finished, and I still felt a mess emotionally, I realized it was just stressed.  Generally speaking, I am mostly capable of keeping things pulled together.  But I just couldn't get things together.  I felt like crying every time I turned around.  It was difficult to watch her goodbyes.  Most difficult for me was when we took Davis to lunch right before we left to go to Provo.  We dropped him off at school and she gave him one last hug...both had tears in their eyes, and I had to send D back to school!  I guess they do like each other.

Some one told me sending a child on a mission, is "the best kept secret in the church."  I agree, if we knew how it would feel, I am not sure we would do it.  But I guess we do it because we know it will bring such growth for everyone involved, that we sacrifice for the greater good.  I won't lie, I didn't like it one bit.  It was the most difficult thing I have ever done.  The feelings in my heart and head were so confusing for me.  I knew it was the right thing, and was so happy it was happening, but my heart hurt.

We met my brother, his wife, and daughter, who was entering the MTC on the same day, for lunch just before going to the MTC.  We saw so many missionaries getting ready to go to the MTC.  The people at the restaurant call it missionary Wednesday. When we were dropping her off,  I asked how many missionaries enter that day...650!  So exciting.  It was fun to take some pictures at the Provo temple before with the girls.  They will be amazing missionaries!

She left on the 2nd of October, we received a letter written on her first night on Saturday the 5th, and then I waited, and waited, until the 10th for an email.  And that was all I needed, to know she was happy and wanted to be there.  I assumed that, but had to hear it from her.  I could already see changes in her.  So exciting to hear the happiness and spirit in her letter.  A mom just needs to know their child is happy!

She flew on the 15th.  We were able to talk to her for a few minutes at the airport.  She was so excited to get to Florida and teach.  So also said she wants to serve in Georgia and in the ghetto of Jacksonville.  I assume, she will have the opportunity to do both.  So the waiting started again... I was hoping either she or the mission president would send a quick email to let us know she arrived.   I finally got an email on Friday night saying she had arrived and would be serving with Sister Lawrence in the Brunswick, Georgia area.  I am currently not so patiently waiting for an email from Sister K with an address I can send a letter to. 

The good news, is that my emotions and mental status are much closer to  normal. (at least for me)  I am posting her letters at   if you would like to follow her. 
D and B

Tate, Challis, and Janet
 Challis and B

President and Sister Craig
Good Things:
1.  being a little more emotionally stable
2.  Seeing growth already
3.  knowing your children really do like each other

Monday, October 14, 2013

Hoping to catch up next week...

so for now, just :

Good Things:
1. A happy missionary
2. My emotions a little closer to normal
3.  A marrow donor match for my friend