Monday, February 5, 2018


January 28, 2018

This letter was written to be read to the Fallon II ward in sacrament meeting:

Whatsup fallon second ward. im in mexico i think. Things are good around here. im in a place called tuxpan nayarit, its a lot like fallon, i mean as close as a pueblo in mexico can get to fallon. there is a lot of agriculture like fallon at least. There are like 4 paved roads, and the members are awesome. I was reading the parabola about the 99 sheep, and how Jesus leaves the 99 sheep to look for the 1. Its not because 1 is more important than the 99, that isnt very logical. but it is because Jesus knows he can trust the 99 to stay together while he goes out looking for the 1. If you are listening right now, it means you are in church and it means you are one of the 99. Stay together. Being in little branches you see the differences between a branch that rises and a branch that falls. the difference is unity. Make sure that you stick together. Do activities, dont wait for bishop sommer to plan it, or wait for someone to invite you. Just call up someone invite them over. Before a ward can grow it has to be strong within. If you notice someone isnt at church, shoot them a text, pass by, see why they werent there. People have to feel loved and wanted. Ummmmm i dont know what else to tell you guys. be thankful for all that you have? I know forever families are real. A couple weeks ago we went to the sealing of some of our converts and it was the strongest i have felt the spirit in my life. Just to see a mother looking at her kids and then looking at the mirrors that go on forever and realizing that not even death can seperate her from her kids was a really cool experience. Everyone who isnt sealed should make that a goal. Also, i know that God listens and answer our prayers, we just have to pray with faith and be specific. A while back we went to a little town in the middle of nowhere on the edge of the cierra and we didnt know anybody, we went because President told us he wanted us to start opening the area. so we went and said a prayer that someone would recognize us and we went contacting and someone recognized us and yells "Elders" so we went and talked to them, but they we from another town, just passing through. So we said another prayer that we could find someone that recognized us that is from there, and once again "elders" so we go and talk to him, and he says "im from here but havent lived here in 40 years, so im not sure where the members live" so we said another prayer that we could find someone who recognized us, who is from there, and who lives there, and we walk a little more and "elders" and he was from there and lived there, and he told us where some members live and we went and visited them and they introduced us to some other members, so that was neat. Thats probably all ive got to say. catch you guys on the flip side, see you in a little bit

January 29, 2018

Hey momma, the pants fit, theyre a little big.i did have fun, on divisions i taught elder barlow how to fihgt, but he is 6´10 and hits like a bear so i didnt like holding the mitts with him too much. the tire is hanging and i punch it. i got him some shoes a few weeks ago. we had a sweet lesson with ricardo and diana this week and they came to church again. we made arroz con leche and then we made burritos out of it, we just invent weird foods that taste good

January 22, 2018

Hey momma, hows things? sounds like good. i bought some mitts today, so im stoked about that, we got a tire too, so me and elder velazquez are armando the gym chido. This week Ricardo came to church again so that is sick. We put a goal for the whole zone to baptize february 10th, so that day we should be able to baptize ricardo and his wife diana. he is super cool, his wife is like halfway atheist and kinda weird, but were going to change her mind and baptize her. we are always in our area now, or at least almost always. its great, im having tons of fun working with elder velazquez. we laugh a lot because hes funny and im dumb and being a missionary you just see tons of weird things all the time. If you dont ask questions i dont have tons of stuff to tell you. thanks for the email, have a good week

Sunday, January 21, 2018

January 21, 2018

January 15, 2018

 Elder velazquez is way cool, yesterday we went to another town to go to a meeting with the district president and all the branch president and told them they need to help the missionaries more, and then we were going to divisions with the assistants but they cancelled as we were getting on the bus so we were stuck 2 hours from home on a sunday night, so we stayed with the elders in santiago and in the morning we played baseball and it was so much fun, we didnt have a bat so we just threw it and then fielded it on imaginary runners and it was so much fun. I turned some decent double plays. This dude came up to us this week and asked if we could teach him, but he lives in the middle of nowhere so we walked all over town asking for him and then we finally found him and he told us his friend invited him to church 3 years ago but it wasnt his time, but he wants to raise his kids in a good environment, and we taught him and put a baptismal date and he came to church and it was super cool.

January 9, 2018

Things are good around here. transfers were yesterday but me and elder velazquez stayed the same and were going to ball it up this transfer. i cant wait. We have a lot of sweet stuff planned for the zone. today we spent like 800 pesos on groceries, which is like...40 dollars, but in mexico thats a ton, we bought for the whole month and were going to cook a lot. if you could send me the recipe of crepes you make in a pan that would be nice, and other recipes, because elder velazquez wants to make american food. Ummm, we had some fun contention with a JW this week, we are teaching her daughter and she likes that we come and teach her daughter because we tell her good stuff she should do, but whenever we say something she doesnt agree with she interrupts the lesson, we talked about blood infusions, and how they dont believe in prophets, and who is jehovah, and a ton of garbage. We had a really sweet night, so we went to see a reference and we found his house, but his dad told us he doesnt live there, and that he doesnt come around very much, so we were talking to the dad and the son shows up with his wife and we taught them both and all three accepted a baptismal date and they told us where there live, in the two story green house. Then we went and were looking for and old contact but she doesnt live there anymore so we were walking all over town to find her new house asking around and we contacted a ton of people, and in one contact one of the ladies told us she was busy and that we should keep walking, but the other lady said "wait i want to hear what they have to say" and she wants to listen to us, and she lives in front of the two story green house, and then we ended up finding the lady we were looking for all along, so that was sweet. Also, transfer day is exhausting, and we got up at 4 and we didnt have time to eat all day and we got home and were so tired and so hungry, and were planning a training we were going to teach and eating crappy mexican pizza and idk man, i just felt the spirit. being a missionary is neat. Best meal...we ate some cochinita pibil and some frijoles puercos, those were yummy, sister erica made it for us.