Friday, June 8, 2018

June 4, 2018

Hey momma, i love crazy people like that. missionaries ask our permission to do dumb things and we say no, so they call the assistents, who also say no, so they call president, who also say no. the other day a member of the bishopric was mad at the missionaries because he wanted them to do something, and they told them they arent allowed to, so he called us and we told him the missionaries were right, so he was  threatening to call president clayton but then the stake president showed up and torched him. One of the most important things ive learned on my mission is how to be nice to people when i just want to hurt them. This week i had my last interview with president and he told me how to find my wife, so that was neat. he interviewed me like if he was sending me home, we also had leadership training in guadalajara so that was fun, i gotta see some people i like again, elder stubs my trainer goes home this transfer, and the sisters that got here with me, thats crazy. things are all good here. I am going to read the book of mormon once a transfer for the rest of my sission, thats 42 days to read it all, well see how it goes. 

May 21, 2018

May 28, 2018

hey momma, this week was good. i got a terrible haircut last week. funniest thing that happened...i dont know, we had zone conference in manzanillo and i went with the kid i trained on divisions and we visited a family, i wish we wouldve had more time but we only had like an hour. at conference i got to see all me favorite people in the mission, barlow, velazquez, gutierrez, ronderos. so that was cool. 13 of the people that were in the zone when me and velazquez were zone leaders are now in colima and manzanillo so we took a picture with that crew. It was great. There is an elder that the barber shaved a fat line on the side of his head like a rapper just because, and everytime he started to talk in the conference i would just bust up laughing. my companions best quality is that he talks a lot with is good for getting people to trust you, hes like a car salesman. i am studying 3 nephi which is sweet, and christlike attributes, especially charity. the scriptures say we love God because he loved us first, and if we can do our best to love God, that will help us understand his love for us and we can love everyone else more too. thats my study lately. i cut wood 3 times this week, helped a family move, and swept a carpenter shop, i have the fattest blisters in the world from cutting so much wood, but i didnt quit because i knew if i quit they would call me the lazy gringo.

May 15, 2018

May 7, 2018

Hey miss, this week was good.  This week we had concilio so we went to guadalajara and it was sick, probably my favorite meeting so far of the mission. sister Clayton talked about how sacrifice is what we leave behind to be here, but nobody deserves a pat on the back for being here, because consecration is what we give once we are here, and that's what is important, and i really liked that a lot because a lot of missionaries think they are doing good enough just being here, but thats not how that works. the concilio went from 10 am until 8 pm, it was a beast. After we slept in the offices and made cinnamon rolls which was fun, and we played soccer, but it wasn't actually soccer because we aren't allowed to play sports. On thursday i had our bus tickets to get back to colima in my book but elder velazquez grabbed my book and took it to president's house, so i had to hang out in the offices all day while i waited for them to finish their meeting with president. saturday we had a zone activity and it went fairly well, so thats good, and yesterday we visited some people. thats pretty much my week. How is Grandma doing?  I will call at 6 colima time, idk what that is nevada or idaho time.

April 30, 2018

Everything is good here, i had an interview with president today and we talked good, and i talked to sister clayton for a minute. How is gramma doing, the picture of grandma holding on to him made me sad. But his songs made me laugh. Keep recording songs like that. I remember one time when he was going out to feed and i was running through the coral to get in the truck before he left me and i fell through the dry manure and it scratched up my arms and legs and he called me rosebud. Or how he would always wake me up to go feed in the freezing cold, or go fishing, how he taught me how to put a hook on live minnows. I remember when he came to visit and we went to the dump and talked. And how he would put lizards in the pockets of his shirts. Or the winter before last when i was fixing the fence down below their house on the hill and he came down to help me and then he couldnt make it back up the hill. How he would catch magpies in raccoon traps and throw them in the horse trough to kill em. 

April 23, 2018

Hey miss, thanks for the email. Grandpa has cancer again? that sucks. where is it? he doesn't have a bladder anymore. The family with the sick dad, i think not great because we havent been able to find them this week, and the dad wasn't in shape to leave, so hes either back in the hospital or in the ground, but were going to go by this week to see if we can find them. I am getting used to the noise, so thaT IS good for my sleep. We are like 200 above sea lever maybe, were like 45 minutes from manzanillo, but its definitely higher. it is the dry season right now, we are in the hot and dry season, a couple more months and we hit the hot and wet season. Our teaching pool is...little, but we're getting there. We definitely have our work cut out for us here, the zone doesnt work very hard, but hopefully next transfer the dead weight will roll out and we should be able to get things going, its hard when one of your district leaders doesn't really care about anything, but were getting there. thanks for the email. I went to buy protein today and your card expired, and my card expires in may. also.  i do about 45 minutes of good excercise in the morning, walk all day, and then like half an hour at night. tell me what you find out so i can come home yoked