Monday, March 26, 2018

March 19, 2018

this week was good, a miracle is that ricardo came back to tuxpan, so thats sweet. last week was sweet, it paid off.  i am going to make cinnamon rolls tomorrow night i think, we just got the ingredients today. i made banana pancakes this week with mnms because i couldnt find chocolate chips. i am studying matthew and acts and 2 nephi these days. I still havent gotten my package yet, but its in the offices, i should get it in a few days because someone is going to guadalajara. happy birthday, im glad everything is going good up north.

March 12, 2018

Hey momma, things are good here. diana still lives here, and ricardo is going to church in guzman, i think elder stubbs, My trainer, is teaching him. the work has been slow but we have been working really hard so its picking up. its getting so hot again, im getting a nice tan. this week we did some service i dont remember if it was this week or last, but we swept a giant bridge. elder vfelazquez is kinda sick so we didnt do anyhting today, there is nothing to do here in tuxpan, its so boring. im pretty happy, i dont think anything frustrating happened this week. Thanks for the email. I love you 

March 5, 2018

Hey momma, im stoked for the package, ill get it in april probly when i go to the offices for mission council. I dont like it that youre calling me fat. He has support from home, they dont have tons of money but they send him sometimes, and they write him. We have an oven, so i made apple bread in the oven from an recipe i saw on the sugar bag. It was good, i made it for an elders birthday. in trials, you can talk about the jaredites and how the same wind that beat them up is the one that took them to the promised land, i think thats a decent analogy, read ether to find the scriptures. biggest trial this week...i am soo tired always, it doesnt make sense. also, ricardo moved to ciudad guzman, which is like...far away. i am feeling better now. Best thing...mission council was super sweet.  I love you momma.

February 26, 2018

Hey momma, Ricardo and diana still arent married which is a bummer, but we havent had ward counsel to see if we could help them with the moneys. He (Elder Anderson) told us we need to make connections with people and be there friends, which is good because sometimes i am really rushed and just want to teach people, but we have to be their friends first. He told us we have to know 50 people between 15 and 25 that arent members and 50 that are. were getting there. The beans we pick are frijoles azufrados. Elder Velazquez has decent english, i need to work with him on it more, but we do work on it a lot. We cooked some vietnameze rice today, and i made some apple bread. My advice for someone preparing for a mission....make sacrifices? idk. read the book of mormon? dont be annoying. dont come to the mission to have fun, come to work and it will be fun. I did get the snowball fight, i opened it and was throwing them at everyone and me and elder velazquez and martinez had fun but eveyrone else thought we were idiots. You should definitely put food in the package, on the customs sheet just write missionary supplies, nothing else. and it should get here, i would be happy if you sent some sourpatch kids, and nutella :) This last week i learned to realize the importance of your calling, i was thinking about as a missionary you are always a representative of Christ, always, so you can never really relax, you are always dignified and worried about your investigators and people and its exhausting. 

Sunday, February 25, 2018

February 20, 2018

Hey momma, hows things? Thanks for the update, im still here in tuxpan with elder velazquez which is sweet, they cut our zone in half which sucks. they cut off tepic, which is good because we were having problems with the elders their because they are super far away from us so they just did whatever they wanted, but still kinda bummed, our zone was the biggest before with 24, but now we only have 14. but we only have 1 companionship of sisters, so thats good. We havent visited ricardo hardly in this last week and a half because things have been crazy, but they still want to get married, but they still havent done it. Now that changes passed we should be in our area more so that should be good. we are going to do some sweet stuff this transfer. WHat made me smile yesterday? ummmm idk, i smile all of the days. The most frustrating thing was that the new sister in the zone didnt leave her other area until 1 in the afternoon and we are supposed to get to our new area at 11:00, and she just wasted a lot of time and we dont know why but we spent our whole day in the bus station waiting for her. This week Elder anderson THE APOSTLE came and it was super awesome, it wasnt like a super spiritual meeting where he like told us stories and parables. he just said, "alright, this is the lowest baptizing misson in mexico, this mission is hard, but if you want to baptize more heres what you have to do..." it was super cool, he just gave of lots of super practical advice, it was sweet. he just told us what we need to do to baptize people

the nice thing about being a missionary is i dont have new or social media, i live in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere mexico, i feel like im in the year 1950, we go to the market in the morning to buy fresh fruit and fresh made cheese and fresh tortillas, we help people pick beans in the field sometimes, and i dont have any worries. my biggest worry is that this town doesnt have public water so a lot of people here dont have access to running water and they are so poor. i shower with a garden hose taped to a wall, and our water comes from a pump and a well that we have to pump by hand until it gets going. All i have to do is go out and teach these people that there is more to life. People here live day by day, savings doesnt exist, if i work and earn 50 pesos, that day i eat with those 50 pesos, if i get sick and dont work, i dont eat. people here dont even understand the quality of life they have, they dont know that there is more. They dont have irrigation here, they work for 6 months when the crops grow because it rains, and then they go 6 months stressed and running around because there is no work. It is 2018, how are you telling me you dont have a way to water your crops? But i love the people here, there are huicholes and koras, tribes that dont even speak spanish. The people are simple and nice, they go to the river to wash there clothes, and they make some bomb enchiladas

February 12, 2018

Hey Momma,This week was alright. We didnt baptize yet because Ricardo and Diana arent married, but they are getting there. Ricardo is super ready. We had 12 baptisms in the zone which was super awesome. We havent been in our area hardly at all becuase we have been going all over the place going to baptisms and doing interviews. Which is frustrating because we are way down on our goals for the month. Yesterday we had a meeting with all the bishops and ward mission leaders and the stake presidency in Tepic because nobody is working and the stake is falling, the wards all have like 40-60 in attendance, which is terrible for a stake, but the leaders are all dumb and spent there time in the meeting saying stupid things and i felt like we just wasted a lot of time preparing for it and traveling and we didnt accomplish anything. "what do you need from the missionaries?" "um i think we need visiting teachers" or "um i think the missionaries are not too bad" or "i think our ward would progress if the missionaries told me when they left the area to work in the other ward they are assigned" you are the bishop, not their mom. Nayarit is smaller but the population comparison is like all of reno compared to the fallon stake, but fallon has 16 missionaries and all of reno has 8, (tepic has 8 and santiago ixcuintla has 16) and so they just spent the whole meeting complaining about how they need missionaries and its not fair, and i told them if they want missionaries they need to support the missionaries they have. they were kinda ticked at me i think. They have 4 companionships for 7 barrios. We just wasted so much time on those dufuses, we shouldve stayed in tuxpan and worked. The Rainy season starts in like...may, but it starts hard in like july and ends in september. funny things this week...when people yell at us elder velazquez always just smiles and says thank you so that is funny sometimes. thats about all this week momma. let me know how everyone is doing  

February 5, 2018

 this week we went all over the place and were hardly in our area. we teach english classes in the church but this week we were out of town and so we sent a mexican to teach and 17 people came and she was not happy with us. Me and my companion are still killing it. This week we went to misson council, and then we went to jala and ixtlan del rio for divisions with the assistants, then we went to tepic for interviews with president an to teach that part of the zone, then we went to santiago ixcuintla for interviews with the rest of the zone and we taught something different, then saturday night we got back to our area and yesterday was church so theres not much to say.  what spanish are you asking about? ricardo and diana have two little boys that are so cute.(Elder Velazquez) his english is alright, he wants to go to byui so i try to work with him a lot but i always forget. i need socks and jeans, and the pants you send, can they be like 30 waist and slim fit so i look papi? im studying the new testament and the doctrine and covenants and the book of mormon right now, its neat.