Sunday, July 29, 2018

July 23, 2018

Hey momma, things are good in colima, we are going on divisions with the assistants this week so thatll be sweet. We have a family of 4 that should get baptized this weekend, so that should be cool, I dont have tons to say....ummm this week we made some chilaquiles, i read from alma to 3rd nefi ( i read a lot this week) we went and played pool today and i didnt lose a single time the best, then we bought food and sat with a random lady at the park and she gave us terrible life advice so that was funny. We cleaned the house really really well and...thats about all i got

July 16, 2018

hey momma, this week was good. we dont have much time to write this week because my companion planned for us to do service from 10 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon on pday. i am losing my mind with this dude. the church is so much less organized here, they dont have scouts or anything like it or girls camp, im not really sure what kind of bug that was, i just saw it and took a picture. i climbed some palm trees today and cut down cocos and branches with a machete, i used a ladder because im not that cool, but it was fun, doing service is always good. also, 6 investigators came to church yesterday

July 9, 2018

Hey momma, this week was insane, lots of traveling, not much happened, i sat on a bus a bunch. The new president is from DF. he is really direct, a lot less loving, i like it, nobody else does. My companion doesnt like him because apparently he is a racist. my companion makes everything about race always which kinda drives me crazy. We had 4 investigators in church and only 1 of the less actives, it was alright. In zone conference we taught about trusting in the spirit, that he will guide you, and living in a way that the spirit will trust in us. it went alright, my companion said some things that didnt make sense and everyone got confused and i started laughing. This week we didnt have any time for service. i was happy to be able to talk to elder velazquez this week. I didnt really get mad, just kinda tired of my comp, my patience is wearing out and im trying so hard to just love him for 3 more weeks. I did get the card and the stately type shirt. This week i ironed my comp├ínion's shirt and he ironed mine. 


Saturday, July 28, 2018

July 2, 2018

Hey momma, things are good in colima. We had 4 investigators in church and 3 less actives that havent gone in forever, so thats awesome. I havent met pres reyes yet, so well see how that goes, from what elder velazquez tells me he is tough. We have leadership ndh tomorrow, concilio wednesday and zone conference in colima with three zones thursday, this week is going to be insane.  i liked the videos kennedy sent. send more pictures.  how is Gramma doing? lonely? did everyone miss grampa at the reunion?

June 26, 2018

Hey momma, this week was good, im still in colima with elder flores. Well see if the new president comes in guns ablazin. Weather here is good. we cut wood because they use it to cook. Its still hot but nowhere near as hot as my other areas. I did get my birthday package, thanks a ton. The dove chocolates are great, mexicans dont know how to make chocolate.  This week we told lupe, we cut wood with him, we are trying to help him stop drinking, and we asked him why he would stop, and he said because he hasnt seen his kids in years and he wants to see his kids, so we promised if he could stop drinking he would be able to see his kids. and then his exwife showed up like 2 days later with his kids. so he is a lot more interested in us now. that was sweet. The best food, for my birthday we ate some chicken wings, they werent great but they definitely werent bad for mexico. You can make ceviche with pre cooked shrimp, its just a different kind of ceviche, theres tons of different kinds. Thanks for the email. I love you. catchya next week.

June 18, 2018

Hey momma. how was your week? how many times have i told you that when you send a package, where it says you have to write what you sent, just write "missionary supplies". The members gave me that cool hat. today we went and did service for pday, we mowed the lawn with scissors, it sucked. i told them we had a lawnmower and they said "theirs a machine for that?" I will go to guadalajara next week i think. one of the packages you sent got here this week, the sister missionaries have it right now. we found a cool lady this week, she is kinda crazy but i feel like we can baptize her. It has been raining a lot which i love sometimes but also really sucks sometimes. we cut some firewood this week too. This week i went through all the conference talks and wrote down all the things they specifically told us we need to do and im working on doing them, well see how it goes, its a lot of things

June 11, 2018

Hey momma, :) We havent really found anyone to teach, well find people that will listen but we usually dont go back because they arent people that are going to progress. our ward is alright, the bishop is good, really direct, i like him, elder floresa is afraid of him. Yesterday we went to visit inactives with him and he says "you didnt come to church today, we came by to tell you that we would really like it if you could go to church next week" its refreshing, he doesnt beat around the bush at all. The members go to church but they dont do much else, but the bishop is trying to get things going which is good. They feed us every day, the big meal here is at 2 and then we work straight until 9 oclock and then we go home. it was rough at first but i am used to it now. we havent seen the fireside yet, we might watch it today. we have permission but we havent had time. i heard that the prophet said sisters have the responsability to serve missions too. what is spar? do you actually hit each other? Orin...take an alarm clock, and a bag to put your dirty garments in, and another bag for your other clothes, if you leave them on the floor they get scorpions in them, id imagine theres scorpions in africa too. tell him he is going to want to learn how to patch his clothes! thats probly it, you can survive without a lot of things, you just gotta get creative.   i decided my companion is the worlds worst scientist. he always says stuff like "the water we drank at lunch was really sour, and now im not nervous, i think if i eat sour things it will help me control my nerves" or "i am really nervous, because i drank chocolate milk in the morning, i should stay away from chocolate milk" he comes up with new hypothesis to control his nerves like 4 times a day and they are never good ideas.