Tuesday, January 29, 2013

We are Growing our Family!

Yes, it is true! We will be making an addition to our family.  In the adult form...K is engaged! A.B. will be joining our family April 13, in the Reno temple.  I am so excited for her and what her future will hold.  G said it best, "She can't keep the smile out of her voice."  They will be great together, and I look forward to adding a son to our family.  Welcome to this crazy family A!

Good Things:
1.  happy children
2.  forever families
3.  temples

P.S. the resolution isn't great in this one, but I love the tenderness it shows!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Christmas projects!

I was dying to share these projects before Christmas I was so excited about them, but I didn't want to ruin the surprise. So, these are some projects I made for some of my favorite people.  I am just a little stingy these days as to who gets the homemade stuff. (the truth of the matter is, probably no one wants it!)  But I loved these projects this year.  A quilt for my mother in law. This was using all fabrics from my stash, I only had to buy three different pieces of 1/4 yard for just a little more variety.  I started this one during general conference cutting squares, and finally got it bound in early December.  It was perfect for the person who has everything! I am in the process of learning to use a quilting machine.  We have a local quilting shop that you can rent the machine for the day...I think I may need to go back!  So fun.  I also love crocheting hats, felted hats, slouch hats, beanie hats, or whatever else sounds fun.  So mindless once I get the hang of the pattern. I think I made six or more this year.  D's is just getting down, it sort of went to the bottom of the priority, but he could sure use it now, It is freezing here! Last but not least are the little ruffled backpacks.  I wish I had ten little girls to give them to. They were so fun and easy, I once again, I used scraps from other projects.

Good Things:
1. making stuff with my hands
2. giving it to someone who will enjoy it
3. using scraps so I have room for more purchases!

Monday, January 7, 2013


And, today, the house is quiet! Everyone is back to school and work.  It is lonely here.  We had an uneventful New Year's Eve, New Year's day with a few friends, and of course, more delicious food.  K went to visit Andrew's family.  Now, she will be working as a substitute teacher and taking some online classes.  B is going to to school, and looking for a job, and hopefully getting closer to deciding what she is going to be when she grows up.  D is finishing up his semester, and hopefully getting ready for a new adventure...swim team.  I will wonder around lost, trying to motivate myself to get something done.  G will keep busy with schoolboard and work.  And so, life goes on for us...

Good things:
1.  a new year to do better
2.  busy kids
3.  continuation of life

Belize Navidad!


We had such a great time! 
It all started with the girls coming home.  I love it when we are all together again.  K brought a boy with her, I like him...She seems to choose wisely, we will see what happens.  He joined in with our family as we celebrated for a few days before he went on to see his family.  We went caroling on a very cold night. This is a must for our Christmas traditions.  We also played games and opened stockings, and a few other gifts from grandparents. And then we left for our Christmas gift, a vacation to ambergris caye in Belize! 
We had so much fun.  It seemed to take forever to get there because we couldn't get all the travel in one day.  The weather was beautiful as was the scenery.  We didn't do anything too exciting, just relaxed.  Kayaking, snorkeling, laying in the sun, reading, playing games, and of course eating.  Travel is done by boat or golf cart, so that was somewhat of an adventure.  It was great to spend time together and enjoy each others company with few distractions.

Good things:
1.  family time
2.  sunshine and warmth in the winter
3.  a bit of color to our cheeks


I don't like to hurt!

In late October my back started hurting again...just like it did six months ago.  Nothing seemed to set it off in particular.  After more than a week of hardly any movement, (which I am really not fond of) I went to the dr.  He gave me some pain meds, a muscle relaxer, and an MRI appointment.  After the MRI, I found there was a reason for my discomfort. (sometimes I wonder if I am just crazy, so that was good.)  I have three bulging disks.  So off the physical therapy I went for 4 weeks.  Movement got much better and I have been able to function.  I still have to be careful and keep up on my exercises, but for the most part feel good. It is still frustrating to not be able to exercise like I would like, but hope I will get there in time.  Sitting for long periods are not so good, but if I stand up and move around I am good.

Good things:
1.  a strong back
2. feeling better
3.  movement


Thanksgiving came and went, too fast! K and B were both able to come home for the holiday. K brought Gramma and Grampa C with her.  That was fun to have them and enjoy there company.  It was fun to host them on a holiday instead of the other way around.  We ate lots of good food.  On Saturday, we all got to go to the temple together, It was great being there as a family. I can't wait for the day we will all be in the celestial room instead of the baptistry...one day.  And then they all left again and our home was quiet again.