Thursday, March 20, 2014

Birthday Surprise!

A rendition of "Happy Birthday to You," all the way from Brunswick, Georgia!  No, Sister K did not break the rules and call me on my birthday.  However, she was having dinner at her Bishop's house, and somehow my birthday became the topic, and Bishop Wilson called me to wish me a happy birthday and let me hear B sing "happy birthday!" He then asked if I had anything to tell her. I told him to tell her I love her.  What a fun surprise that made my day, and brought tears to my eyes.  I got the chance to tell him thanks for taking such good care of her, and asked him to pass that message to members of the ward.  He said she was a knucklehead, but they loved her.  He is great! He sends a quick note and picture every once in awhile, and it is always a treat for us.  Thank you Bishop Wilson!

I also received this today from her.  A few weeks ago, she went to a pottery painting place on her p-day.  She made this for me.  In every letter I write her, I end with, "Be Fabulous."  On a side note, they were chatting with  the owner, and they had a trip out west planned and were going to go to temple square.  She asked the Sisters to come back  to talk to her after her trip!  Always sharing the gospel...I am working on that.  I just love having a missionary!