Saturday, September 9, 2017

September 6, 2017 Late email because of transfers

Theres a thing here to buy stuff, its called the mercado libre, free market, i think its pretty sketchy but you could try it out, im not too worried about my shoes, but my shoelaces broke on one pair of shoes like 2 months ago and i havent been able to find shoelaces, which is stinking ridiculous, so i just havent worn rhose shoes. if you send me light brown shoelaces that would be deluxe. if you could also send me my yellow jumprope i used when boxing, a little black casio watch because my watch is breaking, and like some nyquil that would be cool too. im thinking of all the stuff i should need since i never got a birthday package :p also, on the contents sheet when you send the package, just put missionary supplies and they dont ask too many questions. If you send it through fedex you dont have to put jesus pictures on it either. This week it rained a lot. like up to my thighs, i think it was hurricane lidia, thats what ive heard, but obviously we dont have the news, all i know is it was really windy and rained a bunch. It was insane. Me and elder pacheco cooked some fish and it was so good, and we made yellow rice with peas and carrots and corn. that was the most exciting thing that happened, we also had a district activity and an elder that was a graffiti artist in argentina made us a giant sign with chalk and we made an 8 foot tall book of mormon and contacted people, it was cool. When elder pacheco left i stayed with some other elders and we didnt accomplish much, i havent been in my area to work since forever. wednesday the water was up to my thighs so we had to go in our houses for safety, thursday we had planning all morning, friday we spent the entire day at the activity, and saturday until today i havent been in my area because i had to go to guadalajara and a bunch of junk happened. so i dont have tons to tell you, we found a really big scorpion and i took pictures of it. I've been pretty sick this week, hermana clayton noticed when we were in our training for trainers so she bought me medicine and some centrum vitamins, and a maruchan and some orange juice, shes the best. idk if the vitamins are any good but theyre better than nothing, they arent gel. Ask cary what ginseng does. I love you

August 28, 2017

Holy smokes thats a lot of questions. remember momma, you raised me right, i can take care of myself. also you can probably send my shoes together, but send it FedEx, if you send them FedEx it comes fedex the whole way, mexican fedex gets here was fast and reliable, like 2 weeks, but the mail system of mexico is a garbage, so if you send it through the normal mail it probably wont get here. my shirts are good, washing them by hand gets them wayyy cleaner than a machine ever can. You are finally sending me underwear? i just sent money with the secretaries to buy me some, but send it anyways because it wears out fast. i dont need socks, i havent had time to get vitamins yet, and rama means branch. Im still in manzanillo, transfers arent til next week. elder pacheco is just fun, and familiar. with other companions i was slow to get to know them and like proper and kinda shy ish and stuff, but elder pacheco is super chill and gets to know you quick and is easy to be comfortable around. he taught me bunches of stuff, mostly spanish. Tender mercy this week was our lesson with this family, of 7 we are teaching, they used to be testigos but not anymore because those dudes are crazy. Umm last week the satelite crashed with the moon because of the eclipse and the entire state lost wifi. We did service making a fence for a widow out in the middle of nowhere, today we are going to go make some stairs for her so she can get up the hill to her house. carrying cement up a hill should be fun. Today we went and climbed on these rocks out on the ocean, which im not sure is completely allowed, but it wasnt beach so whatever, we went with some members. nothing much really happened this week. my shoelaces broke like a month ago but i havent been able to find new ones so i just havent worn those shoes in a while. I cleaned our yard, we always sleep up all the leaves that fall but i pulled some weeds and trimmed the trees with my machete, i think i already told you we have a hammock, but its cool. thats pretty much all i got...we had a FHE this week, there is an hermana less actice that we have been teaching since i got here. Her family is sealed in the temple but her dad sold drugs and they were trying to kill him so he had to hide in the house all day, but while he was hiding he was cheating on his wife, so he left and lives in some other state now, and her sister is 14 and pregnant and her mom is kinda crazy, but she FINALLY is going to church, and mutual, and teaching classes, and inviting memebers to her house to get to know her family because she wants her whole family to go back to church, but her whole family just kind of tears her down like "why do you go to church if you come home and arent living a perfectly christian life" which is way stupid and frustrating because they are all inactive and dumb and they tear her down for trying to be good, but whatever. BUT she is finally going to church which is way super awesome. I love you

Monday, August 21, 2017

August 21, 2017

hey momma, i have like 18 journals, i am probably not going to use them all. The fence lady was indeed a member, an active member too, which is hard to find. I mostly just knew, pretty much all my spanish is the gift of tongues, but i remember the stuff i learn really good, this week i said soldering gun in spanish and afterwards i was like "how the heck do i know the word for soldering gun". Gustavo goes to church with his wife and his family. the branches are still just dying slowly. this week we talked to our ward mission leader, and he said the work isnt progressing so he feels...lazy? (desesperado) and so he doesnt do anything. and hes right, we have 0 investigators that are progressing, and it sucks, but we still work freaking hard every day, without the help of the ward mission leader. My singing partner? whats that? I do pushups and abs and i starting doing jumping jacks, maybe if i do more cardio ill stop getting fat. budgeting is good, i am saving money good, i have like 1000 pesos saved. Elder pacheco leaves Friday. Its still hot around here, not much has been going on, walking a lot, working hard, not that much noteworthy stuff happened. We did a district activity and me and elder pacheco made a big book of mormon which was rad. We are teaching a family of 7 which is rad, but the freaking parents arent married. they dont get married because of the commitment. you have 5 children from the age of 16 to 8. thats not a commitment or anything. freaking dangit. But other than that they have a lot of potential, they used to be TJs but then they realized those dudes are crazy and right now they arent going to a church. There dog got hit by a car so we were praying for it, and told them if they had faith God could save it if it was his will,k but then their dog died. She told us the same thing happened with her baby, she didnt have enough faith and thats why it died. next visit we are going to teach the plan of salvation and it will be awesome. The rama manzanillo has been helping us out a bit by having FHEs with less actives that we are trying to activate. It is wild here to see people so strong in the church with families and everything that fall into drugs and it just ruins their lives. We have this one guy who wants us to help all his addict friends, but he is an addict and doesnt want our help, and doesnt really want to return to church, which is sad. We also had an FHE for rama brisas but we were at a baptism so we showed up late and ate the food, and after the food they were going to clean the church, but we had to leave to get home on time because the church is like an hour away. I felt like a bum but it was whatever. you should ask Cary why im getting fat, i walk a ton so i get hungry, but im not burning that many calories, im going to start eating less tortillas,and i got steel cut oats and tuna to eat for breakfast and dinner, so hopefully i can get swole.

August 14, 2017

Pday was good, we cleaned our house really good and rearranged our kitchen, we stole a table from the church, which i kind of bad about, but i feel less bad because now i dont have to prepare my food on an ironing board anymore. but now our kitchen is way nice because we have a table and rearranged everything. Did i already tell you we hang a lot of our food from a clothes line we strung in our kitchen, that way the ants dont eat all our food. its manzanillo, not manzanilla, manzanilla is spanish for chamomile, silly head. Teaching is good, we are still working like slaves. We taught this guy named Gustavo, he has been going to church for 3 years with his wife but hes atheist, he tried to out science me, but i spent a lot of time arguing with ****** about religion, so i smoked that dude in all the science points he tried to bring up, i think he was really impressed that we arent just dumb kids who are only out here because of family pressure, but he realized we actually know stuff. That was probaly my favorite lesson of my mission so far honestly. But hopefully we can teach him some more about faith and get him baptized, he says the church is perfect, the only flaw he has been able to find is that everything is based on faith, and there is no way you can no for certain, we taught him that thats kinda the point, but he is still skeptical, which is whatever. I sewed my pants to make them bigger this week because im getting fat, i was pretty impressed with myself that i figured out how to sew my pants, but pretty not impressed with myself that im getting fat. Ha, funny story, so sunday, we left our house and were walking down the street to catch the bus to church, and the guy walking in front of us was smoking weed, which isnt anything out of the ordinary, and then i look up the street and see two army trucks full of dudes with rifles, also not anything out of the ordinary, but then the trucks stop and they all jump out super fast mode and take down the dude who was smoking weed, and we are all of a sudden surrounded by like 10 people with assault rifles. And they start patting this guy down, and IDing us, but i left my ID in the house, which is the first time ive left my id in the house my whole mission, so the dude is yelling at me, and im apologizing for not having my id. but they didnt kill us and everything was fine, definitely woke me up though. On monday we climbed cerro del toro, a really big mountain here in manzanillo, we went with some members and they said it takes 2 hours, it took us like 6 hours. It was super fun though, we didnt take water and i was super thirsty, so we drank out of this little muddy stream, they told me it was safe because its running water, which i am 100% true thats not scientifically proven, but i drank it and didnt die yet. I also caught a snake which was cool, everyone was impressed with my manliness, im pretty much bear grizz out here (thats the guy from survivorman right?) I also climbed a vine, they tried to teach me how to tell the difference between a vine that is solid and you can climb, and vines that will fall when you pull them, i couldnt really tell the difference, but the people here know how, which is cool. On tuesday we went on divisions to Barra de Navidad, there arent members there so we had to make our own food, and they had fish that some guy gave them, but they didnt know how to clean them, so i taught them how to clean fish and i cleaned like 20 little fishes and then we ate them and they were delicious, i still dont really love to eat the eyeballs, but i do it because mexico. Also, we were teaching a lesson in a little pueblito in our area and we saw a chicken freaking out, and we didnt know why, so we look and theres a scorpion, and then the scorpion stung the chicken and the chicken died,i didnt know scorpions were that dangerous, and then we went to build a fence for this lady, which was really fun, but we had to clear out the brush with machetes because it was really thick, and they told us to watch out for scorpions and i was careful because i didnt want to die like that chicken. And the ground was straight rock so to make holes for the fenceposts we had to pound through with a bar just chipping away little by little, and it was a lot of work but it was fun, i love doing service, especially manual labor stuff, i which we had more opportunities. We also did some painting this week which was fun. Hey, so this week i have been working out really hard so that i stop getting fat, but it is hard to motivate myself, so i was thinking for christmas you could send me an ipod stocked up with music, we can listen to disney music and instrumental, so just get instrumental remixes of pump up songs, like piano guys and pentatonix and stuff, the rules are pretty loose on music, but i want it for the purpose of working out, so think pump up,if you could put skye and baylee and andrew in charge of that that would be great, and an aux cord so i can plug it in to my speaker. I know its only august, but you have time to stock music, and send it so it gets here before christmas, and if you could also send me a nice mission belt that would be nice, one that the wet and sweat wont make the paint stain my shirt, but one thats not crappy synthetic because those get destroyed out here in like 5 minutes. Also, i already said i have been stupid tired all the time, but i think i am going to buy some vitamins, if you could study what vitamins are good and then i will buy them here that would be great, but not iron, that helped you but it wont help me. Ask cary maybe or something, idk, but i would love to here about the vitamins next week. thanks a ton, i love you.

August 7, 2017

hey i dont really have any time to write this week because dumb, but ill write double good next week, i pinky promise. this week was good. everything is fine here. i love you guys

Monday, August 7, 2017

July 31, 2017

We ate some shrimp fettucini this week which was pretty delicious. We also ate crab and shrimp soup, but like the little crabs that run around on the rocks, and they just throw them in the soup whole, and they dont take the skin off the shrimp so you just eat it whole and it scratches your throat, but it tastes good. Not much happened this week, speaking spanish is like taking a dump right about now, i dont even have to think about it, it just flows. which is neat as far as the language goes, less neat for my digestive system we found a girl this week, shes like 25 and has 3 kids, and before she got all the lessons and she loves the church, but she couldnt get baptized because she was living in union libre and her boyfriend didnt want to get married. but now her boyfriend left so she can super get baptized, and so can her son, so we are teaching them and its really neat. And her son that is 9 prayed that the light bill and the water bill dont come in too expensive, and that he could be smarter and finish his homework fast so that he could help his mom, and he prayed that his mom could sleep good and that shes not too tired, and it pretty much just melted my corazoncito. We also saw fireflies and it was way super cool. Oh ya, also, we made friends with the kids on the street this week so that was fun, we were going to go visit a lady but we were walking and saw her and walked her home and talked and she was coming from the beach and was in her swimsuit and was all wet, so we left so she could shower and stuff, so then it was like 8:45 and we didnt have any plans, and the kids on the street started talking to us asking us if we have trash because they are poor and gather trash to sell the cans and bottles and whatever we have. So they asked us for our trash and then we were chillin and they were telling us all their nicknames, and my nickname is juevos, because i have an accent and they think its funny when i say juevos, not sure why, and they had trompos so we played trompos for a minute, but then it was almost 9:00 so we had to go inside and so we go in and we always leave the door open, and we are taking our clothes off and were standing there in our underwear and we hear a scream and the next thing we know there are like 11 kids in our house, and mission rules say not even the bishop is allowed in our house, so we started beating them up and they left, and they grabbed our trompos off the table and start playing with out trompos. that was noteworthy. But now were homies with all the kids on the block.

July 24, 2017

My interview was good, we just talked, He says hi. he asked me what i would change about the mission and i told him i want to play soccer. they just came out with another slew of rules, I feel like im being suffocated by rules. I feel like a good missionary will be a good missionary regardless of all the rules, and if you put more rules on disobedient missionaries they will just be more disobedient because there are just more rules to break. Its kinda frustrating. We cant play sports, we cant play card games, we cant do pretty much anything. Its fine, Im still being obedient, but every month when the leaders meat with president he sends out 20 more rules, if we keep it up im going to have to ask permission to breath. If you send pants send 32 and i cant tighten them with a belt id say. maybe 31 or something. Most fun was idk, just working is fun. Best experience? we got a less active to come to church. she wants to go on a mission but her mom wont let her, so she got discouraged and stopped coming to church, but we got her coming back to church andf hopefully we can get her on a mission. My week was pretty good, not very much happened this week so my email is going to be pretty lame. Transfers were yesterday and Elder Pacheco and I stay the same so thats neat. Elder Rodriguez our zone leader finished his mission friday so his companion was with us for the weekend so that was fun. There is a dude next to me in the ciber right now who is crazy drugged out and he is singing really loud and crying and speaking gibberish and dancing in his seat. He isnt really saying real words but the noises hes making rhyme so i guess he is alright as a rapper. Its kinda freaking me out though. We had a FHE with a family this week and played perudo and i won so its whatever. We walk a lot and meet with tons of less actives. We are updating all the binders so that pretty much just means we walk around looking for addresses that half the time dont exist. The numbers on the houses here have no logic to them, its like 208, 210, 212, 1400, 7, 8, 214,1401. It is really frustrating sometimes. We watched a dog get hit by a car from like 3 feet away, that was pretty not cool. President didnt ask about my neck so we didnt get in trouble, so that was neat. I had a big rugburn from wrestling with the zone leaders. Hermana Clayton asked what happened and i said "funny story actually" and she asked what happened and i froze and in english (elder pacheco doesnt speak english) elder pacheco says "its fine" and for some weird reason Hermana Clayton took that at face value and moved on, so that was neat. Ummm, President thinks I am really quiet, which is weird because I´m never quiet. 

July 17, 2017

Hey momma, things are pretty wild around here, I am still in mexico selling dictionaries, sales were up this week. One day we got to the house of the person that was supposed to feed us, but she forgot and was in colima, so we were walking and all of a sudden a member is shouting elders! and so we go talk to her and she invites us in to eat because mexicans are super cool like that. It was way awesome because the only thing more enjoyable than walking up hills in this heat is walking up hills in this heat on an empty stomach, but luckily we didnt have to do that because the Lord has our back. it was reall neat. Ya, so thursday we were walking around doing missionary stuff and we get a call that they needed me to go to the mission offices in guadalajara which is (on a good day) 5 hours away. But we had to go to Autlan which is 4 hours away first because we had to do a baptismal interview, so we went to autlan and left autlan for guadalajara at a little before 5, which is supposed to be a 4 hour trip, but there was an accident and we didnt get to guadalajara until like 1 in the morning. So that was pretty much way to long on a bus. After that, we went to the offices and i got to see some people i know, and sined a paper so i dont get deported, and i saw elder Koyle, my companion from the CCM, so that was neat. then we went home friday afternoon. Then saturday we helped an inactive member wash windows in her fonda and it was fun because she was listening to english music and i was singing it and they thought it was really funny. Then saturday we had to go to Barra de navidad to sleep so that we could get to autlan for chruch on sunday, because the elder that does the interview has to be at the baptism, so we got up super early to get to autlan. Autlan is in the middle of everything and close to nothing (thats a saying in spanish) its basically a tiny little town in the middle of nowhere, but we get there and theres a member and she asks where im from, so i tell her the united states, she says where, i say nevada, she says what part, i say north, she says reno, i say around there, she says what town, i say fallon, so her husband opens his phone and he was texting chip rutledge, like what the heck. This dude apparently was 3rd counselor to hoyt skabelund and is good friends with mister rutledge, and they live in tijuanita the trailer park on the reno highway. How crazy is that? Then on the we home from autlan to Barra it was cool because autlan is super high altitude, and we were up above the clouds and you could see the clouds down in all the valleys which was way cool, but then we entered the clouds and couldnt see anything, and quite conveniently, our bus broke down on the side of the mountain. So today we spent half of our pday on a bus coming home because last night we stayed in Barra de Navidad because we didnt have time to get home on time, so this week was mostly traveling and madness, but it was fun. My clothes are getting pretty thrashed, i sweat so much my pants are always soaked, and the sweat gathers at my knees, not sure why, but the it dries and the salt on my knees gets crunchy, its great, and i sweat through my belt so my belt is soaked and then the dye from my belt stains my shirts. Our branches are...ya, in the last year assistence has dropped more than 60 percent, so we spend a lot of time visiting non members, which is frustrating. Everyone has so many problems and i just want to help them all but i just cant, and somehow they think stopping to go to church is going to help, and they all want to go to church but the just cant for some reason or another and its so frustrating. The members are semi helpful, but the references they give us are all less actives. My favorite family is probably the family of the girl we baptized, Clavel. We have interviews with president tomorrow so ill let you know how that goes. Have a good week. I love you.

July 10, 2017

I can get just about any food you can get in teh states, but not sour cream, that doesnt exist here, i am a little weary of cooking meat, but ive done it, i just waqnt recipes that dont require lots of seasonings and spices becasue i dont have much of that and its expensive. Meat and fresh produce is really cheap here. I killed my pet parasites and am feeling better now. Just be patient, or something, tell fabiola and rhett that would be awesome. Fish eyes arent that great, the brains taste fine though. My allergies are fine, but i fell down a hill one day and my allergies were acting up. my feet havent stopped hurting for 6 months, but thats life. Tell dad he needs to move more. does he still play basketball? Miracle this week was getting a ton of new people to teach, i am excited. Our area is ginormous so that makes it hard to go see everyone, from one side to the other is about an hour or more direct. It is so hard to cover it all. I am doing good, probly safety is definitely the best prayer topic haha. Your week sounds way rad? On sunday we fasted and then this week we had more new investigators at put more baptismal dates then we did in the whole month of may and june combined (may doesnt really count because we didnt do anything last transfer) I think i am going to stqart fasting every day because it works like magic.  I bought a hammock and made arroz con leche and sit in my hammock and i feel super mexican, i Kinda love mexico. I am not sure if im getting more mature or less patient, but when people email me and tell me about their first world problems they just sound like children and i am half amused half irritated. People have no idea what its like to have problems in their lives, america is like a freaking bubble. Also, in spanish they say "vete a la goma" which means go to hell, but more mild, people say it all the time, but elder pacheco alays tells me "go to hell man" in english when i mess with him, and it sounds a lot harsher in english so i think its so funny. Another saying here is amor apache, which means apache love, which means the more he hits me the more he loves me. So this week we had probably the worst lesson of my whole mission, talking to a less active, her husband is active. us "why did you get baptized" 
her"i have no idea honestly"
us"did you read the book of mormon"
her "nope"
us "why did you let the missionaries in"
Her "my husband brought them"
us "why do you love your husband"
her "i dont"
us "why did you get married"
her "insurance"
us "do you want to be with your daughters forever"
her "these arent my daughters, theyre his from another woman" 
us "do you think the gospel changed your husband"
her "he doesnt hit me as much as he used to"

There was more flow to the lesson, those were just a summary of all the dead ends we hit with her, it was so funny.  I am taking video journals with elder pacheco, you wont understand them, but you will still like them i think.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

July 3, 2017

Answers to your questions...Best food, we had some fried fish that were good, Elder pacheco taught me how to suck their eyes and brains out. I made arroz con leche this morning, i used 3 liters of milk, which is a lot, but it was delicious. If you sent me recipes that dont need that many ingredients, or an oven, that would be really neat. We said a prayer before we went into the abandoned building to ask if it was a good idea, and we decided it would be fine, and it was. Its really hard for the members here to get to church because it is so far away, they used to have a house of prayer, but they closed it because the church is trying to consolidate its buildings, but our attendance is a 3rd of what it used to be because people cant afford a bus to get to the church. And the bus prices this week went up 2 pesos, which is a lot. That definitely isnt going to help our attendance. We had zone conference this week and i learned a ton of awesome stuff about how we can have more faith and how we need to push ourselves harder, do more. You probably didnt listen to the right birthday song, because the one we listened to was hecka festive. This week it started to rain. A lot. Instead of being really hot, I get the pleasure of being really wet, and still really hot. Haha so this week we contacted this guy and he was outside this house up in the hills and he mentioned like 5 times that this was his house, and if we liked his house and stuff, then he invited us in, but he had a stick that was like 8 feet long and says "this is my key" he stuck it in the window to open the back door, then he runs around and lets us in, so we go in and hes telling us hes not religious, never belonged to any church or anything. but the house had santitos and the virgen all over, and we asked if he believed in the virgin, and he said no, then looked around and got flustered and said "theyre my nephews". Then we finished the lesson and left and I say, " i dont think thats his house" and elder pacheco says "not a chance". It was way funny, so then later it was night and we see a guy climbing a balcony by our house, and we get closer and see he is cutting through the bars on the window with a hacksaw, and elder pacheco says "thats his key" in reference to the first guy we met. It was so funny. Not much happened this week, we are teaching a family of 5 and thats really cool. We had a good lesson with the 18 year old daughter, she is way smart and all scientific and isnt really sure if she believes in anything, but we taught her about prayer and it was pretty powerful. We are still working on carpetas and walking a ton, we havent found anyone new to teach in a quick minute. I love you, take care, thanks for the email. I havent gotten any packages or letters yet.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

June 26, 2017

AHHHH PREGUNTAS. my first birthday in mexico was just about the same as every other day in mexico. I never got grams letters, maybe tomorrow. Things are good, im loving it, my companion is awesome. The area books will take the rest of this transfer and then some to clean up, we have to consolidate the area books from what used to be 5 areas into 1 binder. Our zone only has 2 elders the same since last transfer, so we are being way obedient and its awesome. I am reading the book of mormon, with studying wherever i am led mixed in, read some new testament and doctrine and covenants and stuff. We havent taught the girl from the restaurant yet, we go back friday so hopefully we can teach her then. We are out til 9 again which is way awesome. Elder pacheco is a machine, i am learning so much from him. For service this week, HA! we got a call that an hermana needed help moving some stuff, so we plan it like a service project, we thought she was moving houses or something, we carried a walmart bag with some tomatoes and a piece of chicken like 6 blocks, but they called us they night before and were all worried so we thought it was going to be an actual service project, that was funny i guess. What worries me most? I think you should be careful not to ask questions you dont want to know the answer to momma :) Today we hiked in the rain, We hiked this mountain and explored some abandoned buildings and it was way fun. Elder Pacheco is awesome, this transfer is going to be great with him.  I have had parasites for a little while, which isnt the greatest, but they started getting worse, so me and elder pacheco took parasite medicine, its like draino, but for your body, so we slept at the church because our house only has one bathroom. That was fun because the church has air conditioning. We can stay out til 9 now, which is nice, the days we had to be in early i mostly just slept cuz i was pretty sick. But our house is so hot it was hard to sleep. Elder Pacheco is teaching me how to bailar trompo, google trompo, theyre these mexican tops but you do tricks and have wars with them, theyre way cool. I pretty much forgot it was my birthday, which was okay. We made an AC unit this week, we got a styrofoam cooler and cut i hole in the top and stuck a fan in the whole, then we cut another hole and stuck some pvc in it, then filled the cooler with ice and stuck our faces on the pvc and felt joy, that was pretty neat. Elder pacheco is a super good missionary, he asks crazy good soul searching questions and the investigators pretty much just teach themselves the gospel, its really sweet. We had a family home evening with some investigators this week, and i sang some taylor swift with their 9 year old daughter, i think were going to baptize her, and hopefully the mom too. Elder pacheco sang in portuguese which was sweet. Here people say "working like negros" and apparently its not racist, but it cracks me up when the members say it. Elder pacheco is teaching me slang in spanish so i am teaching him slang in english and its way fun, here they dont really have slang words, jsut phrases that rhyme and are funny. Elder Pacheco is also teaching me how to make peruvian food which is neat. Yesterday we went to a family home evening and they made pizza and it was so good, it was almost like i was in america, the best pizza ive had since i got to mexico, Then as we were leaving elder pacheco told them it was my birthday and they put on the birthday song, which is pretty sweet here, its called mananitas. And that was my week. Elder pacheco is way awesome, he always says stuff in english at the best times and its so funny. This week we got super duper lost, like climbing a hill in the jungle lost, nd he says "i testify with all my heart this is not the way that the hermana told us to get to her house". peruvians have this accent where they go down in stead of up at the end of the sentence and it makes it sound gangster, Its like marcus speaking spanish honestly. ill take a video of him talking. We walked a freaking ton this week, we are cleaning out the area books and walking around looking for people that half the time the address doesnt exist. Lots of walking, and its really hot, but lots of fun.

June 19, 2017

Hey momma, things are good around here. I didnt have time to read my journal today so this email might be a little lame, but elder pacheco is way cool and is teaching me all the slang in spanish, i use it with the members and they think its really funny, to get people laughing i tell them im from yucatan and when they dont believe me i tell them im more mexican than napal, they like it. Take care of yourself. This week was good, really hot. a bunch of dumbness happened, so we have a code thing in the mission for in case someone kidnaps you or something like that, and tuesday we had district class and the district leader from the other district didnt show up. so we were all a little worried, then we get a text that says come to the house, its urgent, so we call and he answers and doesnt do his end of the code, and he says ïm locked in my room, and dont know what happened to my companion" so we get the district president and go to his house and hes hiding is his room and out the window he tells us his companion is trying to kill him, so the district president made me go in first because apparently im the biggest. i thought they were getting killed but it was all for mongol. I almost killed them both. Then we had divisions because all the leaders went to guadalajara for a training so all their compaanions and i were together and i got some parasite and was dying and the were imposing all their mexican weird beliefs about health and i wanted to kill them all. thats about it, take care momma. thanks for the email. i love you. me and elder pacheco are working a lot in the area books which i like a lot, cleaning out old stuff. and we went to a fonda which is like a restaurant, but, mexican, and you sit with strangers, its hard to explaqin, but we sat with this 17 year old girl and she prayed on the food with us and was asking us doctrine questions and were going to go visit her at her house and teach her, its going to be awesome. That was neat, idk what else.

Monday, June 19, 2017

June 13, 2017

I got the package, thanks a ton, the sourpatch kids and the twix were bomb, good call, and the jerky too, mexicans had never tasted jerky and it blew all their minds. I liked the drawing, have you been practicing? i liked that their wasnt a note on it or anything, just random scriblles. Thanks for the protein powder too, my new companion is from peru and he is swole, hopefully he teaches me his ways and the powder can help. I think so, who knows. That cambio is in the rearview so were just going to go forward with it and get back on track. This week elder ramirez asked me my favorite last name and i said sommer, so he wrote elder sommer on tape and put it on his plaque and was elder sommer, the new elder to the zone and i had to lead him and train him and he acted really stupid and it was really funny and really frustrating, but it helped a lot to get me ready to show the area to elder pacheco. This week i learned if the senora is cooking in clay pots you are about to get some crazy delicious food. We ate some bomb mole this week. This week we had a contacting activity with the other district and all the young women from the district, the young women sang and we contacted, this guy was setting up some stuff to sell and was setting up speakers, so we asked him if he could wait qa little before playing music, and he offered that we could put our hymns on his speakers, which was way neat. and after, they set up a tiangis and set up a huge dance and music in the centro, because thats how mexico works, so you couldnt hear our hymns so all the young women went out and helped us contact, it was sweet. We met this familia who seem like members, and they used to be active but they fell away because of some apostasy going on, but they were never baptized, so we have been visiting them and they are way awesdome, they already know about the church and they seem like members. they are so nice, and they have a special sun thats 5 who cant talk but he is so funny. I bought an ipoid this week, in case youre wondering why i spent 1800 pesos on my card. On friday we saw a dog fight, it was wild. We were visiting a less active and eating breakfast and we hear all this barking and squealing like someone was dying, so we went outside and this pitbull had a little terrier by the head and was shaking it like a rag doll and it was bleeding everywhere, we threw rocks at the pitbull until it dropped it but we were too late, i felt like i was on the animal planet. Also, we had some pretty wild partys this week. the mafia is doing...spring cleaning, so we have to be inside at 6, which is awful because the way the moon and the tides and the time of month and the 46th parallel, a wormhole appears in our apartment which takes us to the surface of the sun. It is so hot. But anyways, because we had to be inside at 6 some other elders came over, because being in your house that long is way boring. In our boredom elder ramirez taught me how to machete and i macheted all the hill down below our house and it looks way nice. Our colony is on a hill so the houses are all just built on top of each other and you get around on stairs, theyre called favelas, people say theyre like the favelas of brazil, i havent looked it up, cuz im not allowed, but look up favelas of brasil and i think youll get a good idea of where we live. But were at teh bottom of the favelas so theres some hill below our house and some trees, we have a little yard thing, and i macheted it real nice. Then we played baseball with the machete and almonds, but i was the only one who could hit them, and the mexicans were all way impressed with my american baseball prowess, and then i showed them how you put your forehead on a broomstick and spin to get dizzy and then race, so we did that too. Then the night of transfers some elders from the outlying pueblos came to stay the night so they would be closer to the busstation because they had to leave at 3 in the morning. And since they had to leave at 3 we had an all nighter, we played uno and they told us funny stories of their area, because pueblos are always full of apostasy. Then we playerd hide and seek in our 1 room apartment, the seeker had to close his eyes and he had a stick to get around like a blind person and to feel around for us. it was so fun. I also finished reading jesus the christ last night, so i have officially read the entire missionary library and the book of mormon 4 times since i have been out. Elder pacheco my new companion is way sweet, he is district leader and is ready to work, i cant wait. it is honestly going to be like were opening an area because we wasted so much time last transfer we dont have tons of investigators, but im excited to get working.

June 5, 2017

Yes i am still keeping a good journal. I have been praying that we can work hard and be obedient and not die. Elder Ramirez is pretty cool, he taught me how to do a rubix cube, and he taught me a lot of spanish, and he knows how to sew pretty well. Transfers are sunday, president already told elder ramirez hes leaving. This week we had interviews with president and they challenged us to read the book of mormon and mark certain topics and to pray that we can atune ourselves to heaven and pray for personal revelation, which has been going pretty awesome. They also did an accounting to make sure we are doing everything we are sposed to that they can check, like if we have memorized what we need to memorize, and studying what we should and all that nice stuff. This week we made friends with a group of like 8 kids that were walking around with boxes on their heads with eye holes and mouth holes cut out pretending to be robots, that was pretty funny. We also went to a cocodrilario with a member, thats why i emailed early in the day last week, he offered to take us, 4 missionaries and him, in a 5 seater car, perfect. oh ya, and his famliy of 5, oh ya, and the neighbor kids. We had 12 people in a 5 seater car. We took a picture of us 6 in the back seat, with all the kids in our lap, and me holding the missionary handbook open to the page that says we shouldnt let kids sit on our lap. It was an adventure for sure. I held a 4 year old crocodile, and they dont have safety rules here so i put him around my neck, ill send pictures next week. Also, some fool secretary ordered put in an order of soy mormon pass along cards for 20,000. Little did he know it was 20,000 boxes, not 20,000 cards. They dont have room to store that many boxes, they are coming out of our ears, we have so many. Needless to say that cuate is no longer a secretary. He is now serving in the middle of nowhere as the branch president. After district class we made brownies and they were so good, and we had eggs left over so we played catch with them, they ended up all over everywhere but it was fun. Also, one day this week we were walking for a billion hours and we were tired so we sat down at a busstop and then elder ramirez sarcastically set out some pamphlets like the jehovahs witnesses do, and then we started giving them out and talking to people at the busstop, and contacting people in the cars at the red lights, it started as a joke but we got some good contacts and it was actually way fun. Our branch here in manzanillo is pretty rough, nobody comes, and nobody plays the piano, so the hymns are dry and nobody sings, and me and elder ramirez rotate giving talks every other week because nobody ever comes, but they always call elder ramirez to lead the music and me and him and Hno Pelayo are the only ones singing and i always break off halfway through because im dying laughing. Hno Pelayo is like 1000 years old. He lived in open union  with his wife for like 60 years, and they both went through the temple and everything, and have a bunch of kids that are strong in the church, but his wife died and everyone thinks they are sealed, but they were never legally married so they could never get sealed, and since the arent legally married he cant get married to her in the temple, but when you ask him how he is he says "not dead yet" which is pretty sad. BUT he doesnt really have vocal chords and so when he talks its like a wheeze, and when him me and elder ramirez are the only ones singing, its fairly comical. Also, we went and ate with this lady that has parrots and the parrot went on my head. I dont really have much else to say, let me know whats going on. Also, from now on, if you want to send me anything, this is the address of the offices, they have been having problems. 
Volcan Vesubio 5106
Col. El colli Urbano            ¾¾® Este SI!! :D
Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico
C.P. 45070

I love you, thanks for the update, take care of dad, hes getting old.

Baylee's letter

THIngs are sketchy around here, i dont feel like writing it all out again. Ask andrew, i told him, and i told dad some. Our branch is so dead, they dont have ward council so we cant coordinate any missionary work, the food is witht he sae people every week so we dont know most of the members. the attendance is way low, if you asked me to point out the branch presidency i couldnt, in our 2 branches i know 3 of the 6 branch presidency members, and i have been here for a whole transfer. One of them that i do know kills sea turtles illegal and sells them on the black market, we ate sea turtle. which on one hand is kinda cool but on the other hand is like...ummmm.  i feel like its 2 steps forward and 3 steps back every time. With president he talked to me about how hard the area is, and how he knows its hard. Plus its gigantic so we cant cover it all.

May 29, 2017

Hey momma. The girls name is clavel, her dad isnt around, her mom is
inactive because she works a ton and is never really around, her
grandpa is our ward mission leader, she was born with something where
she cant read or write, but shes 11, but she is smart, we teach her
the lessons, and then help her teach the lessons to her 6 year old
sister which is way fun, jesus christ is jesukito and joseph smith is
santo smitt. we should probably correct them on that but its funny,
and we tell them that the pictures of families int he pamphlets we
teach with are pictures of their grandparents when they were yound,
even though theyre little white children. My spanish is coming along,
i think people know what im saying every once in a while. Me and elder
ramirez are pretty friends ish i guess haha, were get along just fine,
but we arent like best friends either. I am realizing how close i got
with elder stubbs, he was a stick in the mud and i always messed with
him to tick him off, kinda like a brother or something i guess. SOrry
i dont have more to say, ask dad

Friday, May 26, 2017

May 22, 2017

Things are good. Today we climbed cerra de la Cruz and almost died, we seriously walked probly 12 miles. That's way too much. I am doing good, having fun, we baptized a little girl this week. We don't teach a ton. My boots are like 14 billion degrees so I don't wear them, I could by new shoes if I need to. I have not gotten your package yet, if you send it fedex I can get it in a week, and there is an Germans here in Manzanillo and the missionaries send the packages to her house so we get them sooner. President is coming in a couple weeks, so we'll hope it's here by then. We don't have a ton of people to teach, but the members like us, they always give us bunches of food. Our ward mission leader is crazy. He is trying to put more rules on us. He definitely doesn't have that authority, I don't want to offend him, but like...that's not your job. You are here to help the branch and help us. I ate a habanero this week, it was pretty hot, I have been practicing eating chiles, there is a technique to it (I'm not joking). Yesterday at church this lady came and we were talking about the plan of salvation and she was all hellfire and brimstone, it was hilarious. "What other names does the plan of salvation have?" Plan of happiness, plan of redemption, PLAN OF ETERNAL PUNISHMENT. "No hermana". "The sun is the celestial kingdom", "because that is where you burn for eternity". I don't think she really got the whole "God is our loving Heavenly Father" memo. Taking time to teach less actives isn't a problem, but what makes it a problem is when the less active is the branch president. We moved houses this week which was a pain in the butt and a lot of work. Our taxi we payed to help us was a jerk, so elder Ramirez paid him and told him he could leave, before we finished, and he said he wouldn't leave and started putting our stuff in his truck and we were telling him to stop and he didn't care and got all heated and was mad at elder Ramirez. So then we called a member, and he helped us, and he sells refrigerators so we gave him our old refrigerator and then after we got all moved he made is pay him. Like what the heck? Also, there is a member that people keep trying to rob, cuz...Mexico, so we helped him make a barb wire fence on his balcony, and I knew how to do it ish because I helped Tavin build fence, so that was a fun service to work with my hands for a bit, and it was nice to show them I know how to do stuff, because I always get the vibe his wife thinks I'm an idiot because I'm a gringo. We had a baptism so that was neat. We also had divisions with the zone leaders which was really cool, I learned a lot and it was way fun. Yesterday we ate octopus and the lady sells bread and stuff so we helped her make empenadas. The dough was shortening, flour, and sugar. And she makes sugar cookies with just flour, butter and sugar. They bake simple here, and it tastes different, still good, but different. That's about all I've got this week. Take care. I love you

May 15, 2017

Thanks Momma, I dont have much to say either because i told you mostly everything yesterday, but thanks for the support and the advice. I love you,

May 8.2017

Manzanillo is pretty fun, its super hot here, and our house is always a billion degrees and when we try to turn on a fan the breaker trips and we lose our lights. I learned sleeping on the floor is less hot than sleeping on a mattress. not cool, just less hot. We are looking for a new house, the secretaries said we have to move because our house is pretty awful. We looked for a few different houses but the zone leaders havent approved anything so far. There is a whole zone in manzanillo, i think there are 7 companionships here. The branches both had about 30 in attendance. The church is about half an hour away in bus. Elder ramirez speaks a little english, not enough to really communicate though, its easier in spanish. I have learned so much stinking spanish this week, being in vallarta was like shooting myself in both feet as far as the language goes. so far we havent really had any problems. the obedience is mas o menos, we are fairly obedient, just not exactly obedient. i just picked it up. We still get up on time and study and go out and stuff, we just dont work as hard as i would like. We have a couple people we teach, and a bunch of less actives. People here are nice, they are wayyy nicer and way more open with a latino companion, and they always give us food, so thats neat. Having a mexican companion is super cool on that plain, but they all just kinda assume i dont know spanish and ignore me, so thats not my favorite, but not a big deal either, if i wanted i could interject but it doesnt really bother me. I was pretty upset actually about leaving Vallarta, i didnt say goodbye to anyone really. It made me sad when Hermana Vicky was crying. We have an anchor point thing in our house in the ceiling so i hung a rope and have been doing TRX, so i should get pretty swole here in manzanillo. I learned how to make german pancakes in the toaster in vallarta so that was cool, but here we dont have a toaster, so that kinda kills my vibe. We have this one member whose name is chavo and he is a diver and sells fish that he kills with a spear. he's super cool, he decompressed too fast so he has like hydrogen in his joints or something now, so he cant walk very well, but he still dives. Also, there are these kids, like 10 or 15 that hang out in the ocean, theres this little drop off on the side of the road where the water is deep, and if you throw in coins they all dive down and fight for them, its like feeding the ducks but more exciting. also, one day we carried a fridge up a super ginormous hill, and then we carried their old fridge down the same super ginormous hill, that was really hard. People are a lot more open to ask elder Ramirez for service, maybe because hes latino, but i love it because service is my favorite, and elder stubbs wasnt very service oriented. I will pray for Grandpa, I have been praying i get to see him again, but its not looking super likely, huh? for my birthday i want everyone of you guys to write me why/how you know the church is true, and how you came to know that. and also probly money for/ a tablet. Much love. Respond to my chat so we can plan the video call. I love you momma

May 2, 2017

Gerardo doesnt have a family, he lives in a little cabana by the river. There is a member that goes and reads with him and he think he is teaching him apostasy, but at least he reads i guess. Jose did not come to church, and maria is not a member. Rocio had a baptism date but she had to work for 2 weeks without rest so we couldnt go meet with her for 2 weeks and when we went back she had got a new boyfriend that she didnt have 2 weeks ago and they are living together now, and she decided she knows what we teach is true but she doesnt want to do what God wants her to do right now, and she acknowledges it, she told us she isnt going to do what God wants and that she is going to make bad choices. it was rough. Ya, he is from Puebla. Elder Ramirez has been here fpr 3 transfers already. I took a bus 5 hours to guadalajara and another 4 hours to manzanillo. The new house is small, you can only use 1 thing at a time or the breaker trips, we cant use the fan and have the lights on, or use the fan and iron, or iron and have the lights on, weve already tripped the breaker like 9 times, so we are moving this week which will be lame. There is a tiny kitchen and a tiny bedroom, and we study in our bedroom. Also, this weekend was dia de nino, the biggest party so far. why dont we have that in the states? im pretty sure the people here just make up reasons to party. We also met this guy Jose Luis and he is pretty cool, but speaks apostasy by the boatload. He said the reason he found us was so he could teach us the word of God...We also started teaching this kid named Chilili, he lives in Mismaloya, this little colony in Vallarta thats out in the jungle. He is 10 but he has a motor boat that he knows how to drive and tourists pay him to take them out the the arches in the ocean, he has grown up in the water here so he knows all the little secret beaches and stuff hidden in the cliffs, he makes bank, and hes 10. He showed us how he has to put his legs on the side of the boat and use his whole body to move the motor and steer the boat. Manzanillo is fun so far, we havent done much yet, we are over two branches, it should be fun.

May 1,2017

Hey Momma, transfers are this week, I am in manzanillo now, I was pretty not thrilled when i found out i was leaving because I really loved everyone there. There is this old guy named abelino, Maria's father in law, and we teach him and his wife with Maria, they arent members. But abelino has bad legs and walks up this giant hill every day to get home, the hill is so steep kids sit in plastic crates and slide down the hill, and he walks up it every day with two canes, but he is slow getting around so we went and said goodbye to them, and maria wasnt home which sucked, but i said goodbye to martha and just assumed he wasnt home and we left, and when we got to the bottom of the hill he got outside and yelled, "guerro, Dios le bendiga" from the top of the hill which is "white boy, God bless", everyone calls me guerro. But it was really awesome, seemed like a solid end. I am in Manzanillo now, its a super industrial town, its a big port of just docks and giant tankers and cargo ships, its pretty cool. my companion is Elder Ramirez, I feel like im already learning bunches more spanish. Ill let you know more whats going on tomorrow, just letting you know im alive. Also, my shaving cream was in a pressurized can and it exploded in my bag and everything is covered in shaving cream, so thats neat.

Friday, April 28, 2017

April 24, 2017

I think it was something i ate last week that made my stomach sad. and yes i did have a bump. My garments are getting small. and i can do like 60 pushups now. We didnt see jose cruz a single time this week, and he didnt come to church. Florencio lives with a member so the member helped us in our lesson this week and we taught him about the book o fmormon. he works every day but saturdayand sunday, so we dont get to teach him tons. We are teaching this guy Gerardo who is way solid and lives in a cabana, i didnt really know what a cabana was when he told me, but when i saw it i understood, its a little bamboo house he made down by the river, its rad. Awkward experience...a testigo de jehova was telling us we dont believe in God, and we didnt want to argue but we kept trying to tell her we believe in God and she was getting mad. i guess that was awkward, idk, everything is awkward. We taught a good lesson to Lupita, she is a less active with a sad life. Elder Stubbs is safe and keeps me from getting killed, like this week someone offered us a ride, and i said , sure, its hot. and elder stubbs said probly not a good idea, and i said, ya...guess not. This week was good, i read all my journals today and wrote down noteworthy stuff, so maybe my email will be better. We went to visit this inactive guy and he pretty much just hated americans. he was telling us about how terrible arizona is, but in america everyone has AC while there are people in sonora passing out in the streets from the heat. and we bombed japan and germany in world war 2 and that was bad, and when the english came in colonial times they killed all the indians instead of mixing with them, he was crazy. and the reason he fell away and doesnt read the book of mormon is because the names are all in english...?¿?¿? i dont even know. Also, in english class this week we taught everyone how to sing I am a child of God in english and they were so terrible i had to try really hard not to laugh but it was super cool too. afterwards a member with a really nice truck and a really nice sounds system and he only had one seat in his truck so me and elder stubbs were all smashed in and the member starts playing "i dont f with you" by big sean on full blast, and it was so loud he couldnt hear us telling him to turn it off, i wouldnt suggest looking up that song, just know it says more swear words than other words it was so bad but so funny. Also, one day we were in the colonia de carton (cardboard colony) its out in nowhere, its not even on the map, and we met this family and they offered to show us a shortcut to bugambilias, another colony, so we went with them. we were just scaling straight rock, the path they took us was overthis rocky pass that looked like thunder mountain in disneyland, and the wife got tired so the husband just left her at the top and went down with his kids. On divisions me and elder shehee went and did service with that family, i hope we can start teaching them. We also met another crazy guy that talked about how michael jackson and john lenon sold their souls to the devil and how the catholic bible says syria is going to get destroyed like sodom and gummorah, and tons of other crazy stuff, like how if you fold the 5 dollar bill a certain way it has donald trumps face with the iluminati eye, it was weird, and he wouldnt let us leave forever. another crazy guy told us he knows more about the book of mormon than me and elder shehee combined, and that he was atheist, and i invited him to pray and he told us he prays to the devil, and i asked him how he is an atheist if he believes in the devil, because if there is a devil their is a God, then he got mad so we left. Now time for the cool spiritual stuff, so we have an investigator and her grandpa moved in with them, and whenever we pass by he just yells "im catholic", from the couch no matter what. "excuse me, is sara home?" "WERE CATHOLIC", so after like 3 times of that we prayed he would have a softer heart and he came out to talk to us, which was a first, and he was nice and told us we could go back another day. Then, we were taught by an investigator that jumping the border is like conversion, you hop the fence and run through the desert in the dark, trying not to get bit by snakes,and then when you see the lights of the highway you know you are close, you just have to get to the highway where they have someone to pick you up. its like runnng through the dark with sin looking for the true church, and the true church is the highway. that was a nice new perspective. Also, Maria came to church for the 4th time this week, General conference straight changed her heart. Its so cool, we are also teaching her in laws but they arent quite ready, but her niece is always running around in with all 500 of the other kids that lives there. but i guess she has been listening, she is only 7, but when her uncle that raised her gets too drunk to function she sits with him and reads him the book of mormon to try to help, if baptismal dates right now, which is crazy awesome.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

April 17, 2017

I am doing good today, my stomach is messed up from something i ate yesterday i think. the heat isnt great, but theres nothing you can do. i do indeed have enough short sleeve shirts, my stretchy ones are a little smaller now, im getting fat from all this stinking rice and torillas. we dont really do any service ever which drives me crazy, i want to get my hands dirty and do stuff. its going fairly quick, the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days, its wild. its fun for the most part. the drunk people dont like us because were both american. I am getting to know the ward a lot better. Our mission leader is so cool and way solid. my spanish is functional, i think i have about maxed out for having a white companion, its like shooting yourself in the foot. i am fairly fluent, some things are still hard to say but i can say just about everything i want to. Easter?  Here it is called holy week and everyone just parties and shoots fireworks for a whole week and everyone doesnt eat meat and sunday was kinda just a ghost town, everything shuts down, all the stores and everything all weekend. they drink so much beer here it blows my mind. maria didnt come to church but we taught this guy florencio and he has some crazy stories, and we set a baptismal date in our first lesson with him, it was so cool. he seems way solid. We taught jose cruz to keep the sabbath day holy this week because his baptismal date is in like 2 weeks and he didnt come to church last week, and he doesnt have a job, he is a temp so he just goes whenever someone calls him with work, and last sunday he didnt have any food or any money and he got a call for a job so he went instead of coming to church, and elder stubbs was slamming him for it and i wasnt backing him up because i didnt know what to say. Jose asked about the ox in the mire and asked if no food and no money counts as an ox in the mire, and elder stubbs didnt understand and i didnt have enough faith to tell him he needs to go to church in that situation, but then he didnt come yesterday either. the book of mormon is written specifically for us. help them understand that. tell them to pray for a desire to read it (This last few sentences were written in response to what I should teach the young women about the importance of the Book of Mormon.)
Also this week, someone threw rocks at us from who knows where, they were hiding in the trees or something and it hit me in the head and it hurt, but i pretended like it didnt because i didnt want them to know they hit me. Also, i got a plant like 5 weeks ago and I put it in a planter outside our door and we named it abraham lincoln, or Abe for short, I watered him every day, and then this week someone stole him. I was so mad. Who steals a plant?

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

April 10, 2017

Hey momma, whats kickin? This week was pretty wild. sometimes the ants get in my azucaritas (that means little suggaries, advertising is different here, theyre like frosted flakes) which isnt a big deal, but the lizards are getting wise around here, and on thursday i went to pour myself some azucaritas and a lizard was in my bowl of milk, it was very sad. we taught some good lessons, jose cruz decided he wants to get baptized so that was pretty neat. Well see if he goes through. Maria went to church again this week which was way super awesome because we have been working with her forever, and the missionaries before us for almost 2 years. We still walk a lot. today we went to cerra de la cruz again and elder martinez led us through the jungle and we got lost again, he calls it extreme p day. the ward mission leader is way awesome and today we went to his house and ate pozole. idk what else happened, nothing really. Im doing good. im always way hungry at healthy and getting swole from my half hour workout everymorning, i can do like 7 pushups now. I studied the allegory of the olive trree some more and read jesus the christ. we have this new investigator named karin and she has crazy ideas about religion, but everything she knows about religion she has just decided through logic, im excited to help her find the truth because she has tons of questions. in spanish cielo means heaven and sky, and she wants to know where in the sky god is, which is hard to answer. well see how it goes this week. were going to tepic this week for divisions wiht the APs, im not sure why. i think they think were disobedient because so much crazy stuff keeps happening to us (not really). we had some good lessons. my interview was good, we saw a kid that was like 9 trying to fight off a 17 year old, the kid had rocks in each hand trying to defend himself and i told the other kid to get out of here, because the little kid had some gnarly bruises on his ribs, it looked like he got kicked by a horse or something. and elder stubbs said we arent sposed toi get in the middle of stuff like that, so i asked president and president told me im not allowed to. which is stupid. we also got stopped by state police (here they put big turret guns in their trucks, theyre the people who mean business) and they talked to us and were way nice, but they all had their big guns out and were searching the hillside, so we left.
Heres some pics that really capture the ambiance of our room with mosquito nets and christmas lights. the other ones were when we got lost last week