Sunday, September 7, 2014

Girl Time

My mom planned a "Girl visit" this year.  It was to be at my house, and my mom and sisters were going to come visit me!  Such a treat, because I don't get a lot of visitors in my neck of the woods.  Well, turns out that only one sister could come.  So, I asked if K  could join us and we give her a baby shower, since she wasn't planning another visit here until who knows when.  They said yes, and so I planned a party.  I asked what they wanted to do while they were here, and it was decided that we would "pretend we had no cares in the world."  And so we did.  I took them to try out paddleboarding, we relaxed by the pool, went thrifting, and chatted.  It was a great time, and we missed the other sisters.  Maybe next time!   And, of course they helped me throw a shin dig for K.
We had turkey pesto sandwiches wrapped up in parchment paper, watermelon, and salad.  Each guest decorated a letter of the alphabet for baby O's alphabet wall, and took home some alphabet soup.  And dessert was a popcorn medley in a block. Thanks for the help ladies, I always put you to work when you come!  Hmmm, maybe that's why they don't come very often? #bestsistersever


Of course, it was a busy summer!  That is a given, right? 
In June, D and I got to go Idaho.  While we were there,  D attended a BYU -I Adventures for Youth, at Badger Creek.  He loved it, and wants to go back next year.  I got to work for K.  Yes, I did say work.  I did have a great time, but we were busy.  We cleaned, and painted, and built, and chatted.  We painted her room and baby O's, and put shelves in his closet, and got some things organized to utilize every corner of a small apartment.  We let A help too, but he was working too, so he missed some of the fun.
We picked up D at the end of the week, and headed to Island Park for a reunion with my family.  And it rained, and rained, and rained.  Unfortunately, it rained so much, that we mostly took cover, and tried to stay warm, so it seemed we didn't really even have a lot of time to visit. But we survived, and I am grateful for T and J for planning it, even though most of their plans were rained out. 
G did not join us, somebody has to work so we can play!  Actually he had a conference in Washington Thursday through Sunday, so he needed to be there.

We were home for a few days, and off to San Diego to celebrate G's sisters birthday.  We had a really great time, although D was pretty bummed we didn't make it to the beach.  I think we mostly just ate.  My kind of vacation!

Did I mention that I really loved the food?  Okay, the fireworks were pretty good too.  From were we were sitting (inside a restaurant) we could see three shows simultaneously.  I also got to do another of my favorite things...relax by a pool in the sunshine.  G liked the giants and padres game too.  Thank you C and R for a great time.

Next, we were off for some immediate family time.  But not before we spent three days in Winnemucca for yet another conference for G.  There isn't much to do there, but we made the best of it.  G and I took an underground mine tour. (D couldn't go because of his age.)  I have to say, it was pretty impressive, interesting, and informative.  But I don't think I would like to work down there.  Then we headed to Island Park, arriving very early in the morning.  K and A were already there, and we were ready to just enjoy the time together.  Once again, it was rainy, but we, okay, they did a puzzle, and we played some games, and watched a few movies.  I think A and D are really  the brothers, they have always wanted.  We went to the playmill one night, went to Yellowstone, sat in the hot tub, the boys golfed, played racquet ball, and mostly just relaxed.  It was great!

This is "Foot Golf."  It was so fun, even I could somewhat do it. (although I made K lose, because we took turns.)  You golf with a soccer ball and kick it from hole to hole.  We loved it!

Next up was a celebration for my Grandma's 90th Birthday.  I got to see some of my aunts and uncles I hadn't seen for a while, and a few cousins.  It was a shame not more people thought it was a big deal and came to celebrate.  Here is a picture of me and Grandma, and one of my uncle Jerry.  He looks just like I remember Grandpa.  Grandpa used to dress up for special family occasions and dance around dressed as an Indian.  There is some significance to the Order of the Arrow, that he was very involved in.  One of my memories of Grandma is being at her house when her pasture got irrigated.  We didn't have a swim suit, so she would fix us up a makeshift bikini top out of a tea towel, and we would swim and play in that and our underwear....Scandalous!  But what a great time I remember having.  So good to see her.  I can't wait to get a five generation picture when baby O arrives.

Good things:
1.  Safe travels
2.  Memories
3.  Legacy

D - he keeps our life interesting

I am so far behind! Is it September already?
Just a few things about him and what has kept him busy the last several months.
 He cleans up pretty nicely.
 He turned 16 and can drive himself all over town.
 All State Choir - Apparently he sings.
 Strutting his muscular physique for the swim team.
 Snake hunter.
 Winning team of the Dust Devil Triathalon - by  8 minutes!
 Night of Boxing - I still don't like to watch it. He lost by a smidgen, But his fight won "fight of the Night."   He did make me proud, in a weird sort of way.  He worked so hard for this fight.

 He likes to hug me like this.  I think so I can remember he is bigger than me!

 We painted all the trim on the house.  I learned I don't like heights. 
 He does, but not a shaky ladder.  He did it anyways.
 Baptisms in the temple with friends while the parents accompanied a soon to be missionary.
 the "Cool Guys"
 Trying to be Grandpa
I love this silly boy!
Currently, he has started school.  He is doing a new program that will give him dual credits at the high school, and towards college.  He made the varsity soccer team, so that keeps him busy too.  He leaves by 6:45 every morning, and doesn't return home until at least 5:45.  It gets kind of lonely at my house these days.  He is a good worker.  I had a hard time scheduling him to work for me this summer, because he was working for Grandma and keeping up the yard work at the office.  He is so much fun, and at the same time, so annoying!  The future is bright for this kid!

Good Things:
1.  children who keep me entertained
2.  children who are motivated
3.  a bright future