Tuesday, September 25, 2012


So, I have been thinking....(feel free to tune out now.)

I have been thinking alot of about charity, the pure love of Christ, and the atonement.  And although my new calling in the stake Relief Society has probably led me to continue my thoughts, it has been on my mind for quite awhile. 
What I have come to realize is I have soooo far to go.
I have always believed in the atonement, and known it is real and necessary to return and live with my Heavenly Father.  But over the last while, I have actually seen it in action.  I have been able to see an actual change in countenance, a light come into someones countenance that I didn't realize was missing until I saw the light.  That was amazing to me.  Also, I have had sincere concern for this person's life, the unhappiness brought to the individual and those around them.  I have worried about progress being made, and them being happy in the future.  I truly want the best for this person.   I found this interesting, as this person is not a member of my family, and I questioned my capacity to love.  I have caught a glimpse of how Heavenly Father must feel about each of us.  How he really wants the best for us, and is ready and willing to offer it to us if we live up to our end of the bargain.  So, my conclusion is that, real charity is wanting the best for everyone, and doing our best to help them get to their best, and be their best, and then not being threatened when they are reaping happiness. We are all just trying to do the very best we can with the knowledge we have.  I just hope I can continue to have glimpses to keep me working to get there.

Good Things:
1.  the charity of others towards me
2.  the atonement
3.  glimpses

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Just can't stay up to date!

On August 21 B and I drove to her school of choice.  I am not going to lie, I was a little worried about her.  I suppose every mother is.  Anyway, on the 19th, she received her patriarchial  blessing.  And it just so happened that it was a tender mercy...for me!.Not sure how she felt about it, but it was just what I needed to hear to send my beautiful daughter off on her own.  It was a wonderful blessing which in part, mentioned several times her goodness, purity, and virtue.  She has a wonderful life in store for her. 
So we packed the car and drove first to spend the night with Mom and Dad, and then on to school.  We met roommates, unpacked, settled, and went shopping.  We had a good bye dinner, and then it was off to the airport to send mom home.  And you would all be so proud of me,  not one tear! Not because I wasn't sad, but because it is where she is supposed to be.  This is what we raise our children to do, to be on their own.  So many opportunities for them to take advantage of.
She, unlike K, has little to say when I call her. (no, she does not call, unless you count wanting to know how to cook butternut squash.)  I am lucky to get a simple one word answer.  But from what I gather she is having a great time.  Classes, ward, roommates, eating situation, bus, etc., all "good." She doesn't seem unhappy, so I figure all is well. 
On August 31, K left to return to her college of choice.  Although classes didn't start for awhile, she wanted to get up there to have some fun and return to her social life.  She is also doing well, and I know all about her classes, and what she does on a daily basis.  She always has a great outlook on life, no matter what happens.
I am happy for both of them, and know they are where they are supposed to be doing what they are supposed to be doing.  B gets to teach relief society and K is responsible for ward prayer every Sunday. 
As for home, it is quiet here.  Some days I am all by myself until 5:30.  Sometimes I like it, and sometimes I am lonely.  Unfortunately, I am not getting lots done!  Maybe next week.
D is really liking high school.  He doesn't complain about early morning seminary, and even gets his homework done without me reminding him.  He is playing on the JV soccer team and likes riding the bus with the team?!

Good Things:
1.  growing up
2.  happiness
3.  beautiful weather

Saturday, September 1, 2012

End Result

The 28 day Book of Mormon Challenge is over...and I think, even somewhat successful.  It was kind of  a busy time to do it, but I have decided there is never an unbusy time for such a challenge.  It was concluded with a FHE to sum it all up with a monetary bonus for children who accomplished  the goal.  Which is how life is.  Although we are not always blessed temporally for keeping the commandments, we are always blessed spiritually.  And more often than not, those spiritual blessings end up blessing our lives temporally.  One child finished before FHE, one by midnight, and the other should be done by now.  Hopefully they will continue to read and reread for the rest of their lives. 
Now, onto  what was learned.  That we have a better grasp of the story line and where things fit in.  There really is a cycle of humility, pride, obedience, and disobedience.  Although I don't consider myself even slightly a scriptorian, I found that I at least recognized each story.  Reading can be done anytime anywhere if you download onto an electronic device, and it is actually easier to find time to read than we thought, just a matter of  priority.  Although it wasn't easy, it was a great challenge, and I think something to do every so often just to bump up our daily reading.

Good Things:
1.  Challenge
2.  Accomplishment
3.  Reaffirmed  truth