Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Technical Difficulties...

Continued from below:
I am trying very hard to be a good Mom like she is. As someone has said, "I owe all that I am to my dear Mother." I don't know how she did when I was a child, or how she continues to do it. But I will keep trying.
Krisele: She is the blonde, and yes, we are all biological sisters, and I will put us in birth order.
She is an amazing woman who can do anything, and does, while working full time. She can easily run circles around me in the productivity arena. I don't think she ever sits down! She has 4 boys with the oldest on a mission, and the youngest will be in first grade. I have never been in her 2nd grade class, but know she is an incredible teacher, and very professional. I wish I had her productivity and confidence.
I fit in next.
Ashlee: She has the baby on her back in the current picture.
She too, is amazing. She has an incredible strength, both physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and great sense of humor. She can make even the worst situation hilarious. She is so great with laughing with her kids. She always makes everything fun. She lost a child six years ago, and has four living. The oldest is eight, the youngest almost 4 months. I wish I had her patience, laughing ability, and strength.
Brooke: She is the youngest by about 8 years, and is in black in the current picture.
She too, is great. She is always after more (in a good way) like dreaming bigger. Going back to school, or going beyond what is practical or logical, and where I would be content to stop, because doing more would require a lot of hard work. But she always does that more, and it always ends well. She never stops, and isn't afraid of not succeeding, or asking for help if she needs it. She has two children ages 3 and 1. I wish I had her drive and ambition.
There are lots of others things I like about them too, but that is enough to help you understand a little about them, and why I think they are so great, and why I love to spend time with them. It is a rare occasion that we are all together, and I cherish the time we spent over the last few days where we could just enjoy each others company and not worry about the rest of life that we all left behind for a short time. Hopefully we all came home better moms by filling up our cup!
Good Things:
1. Moms and sisters
2. Strong women in my life
3. Coming home with a revised focus of what really matters in life...Relationships!

Girl's Rejuvenation

Just what I needed... A few days with my Mom and Sisters! This week, I went to SLC to meet my mom and sisters for a few days. It was so wonderful! We had such a great time laughing, reminiscing, and giving each other advice about whatever was needed, in whatever, beauty, kids, clothes, callings, etc. We also went to the Oquirrh Temple openhouse, and wandered around the beautiful grounds near the SLC Temple. Of course, I had to take a few pictures. Unfortunately, they are not quite complete, Mom is missing. We just wore her out! Too much chatter, and shopping I guess! She opted to not take a walk with us. I have been thinking about the fabulous women I have in my life, not just my mom and sisters, but also many others. I have been so blessed to associate with such amazing, strong, talented women. So, if you don't mind, I would like to introduce you to my mom and sisters. I don't usually do this, but I am going to name them so you know who is who, as many of you will probably never meet them. So, mom and sisters.. sorry about the privacy issue, you still don't get any! (The picture with Mom is from last November)

Mom: In the red and black

I believe she has had the greatest impact of anyone in my life. She is the one who taught me everything I love. This includes sewing, cooking, gardening, and the gospel. I am trying very

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sew Brilliant!

So...I had this brilliant idea that my daughters needed to learn how to sew. I mean really sew! Not the easy pajama pants, or paper bag skirt, but sew. I love to sew, and think everyone should just love to as well. However, I am in reality enough to realize that not everyone does. Take for instance my sister. She is really great at a lot of things, like riding horses, and playing with her kids. She likes the idea of sewing. She loves to bring sewing projects to my house (that is when she used to visit) in hopes of me teaching her how. She also knows my level of patience, or lack thereof. You see, she secretly knows that I would much rather sew it for her while she makes dinner. Actually, I think I like this little arrangement. (Remember, that is when she visited.) So, that is what I would prefer. Just sew it for whoever. But, it is that whole, "if you teach a man to fish" theory that I am trying to accomplish. Someday, they may have to, or better yet, want to sew for their children. And although you never think you will ever be there, there is the "prom dress" problem. Sew... we are learning how to sew! I really am trying to be very patient. Hopefully there will be two dresses by Saturday. (They need a nicer dress for EFY.)

Good Things:
1. having a mom with more patience than I, who taught me to sew.
2. love of sewing
3. daughters

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Time Flies When You are having Fun!

I can't believe it is already July. When did it happen. We were in charge of g's family reunion this year, and took the easy way out with a trip to Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo. We met for dinner at an Italian restaurant to get the party started. The next day we spent the day in the park. Although the weather was exceptionally hot, we did enjoy the day. With the extreme heat, we did not stay in the park as long as we had intended, but I think everyone had an okay time. It was super easy to plan, and worked well for a small group. Only 13 were able to come.
On the 25th D turned 11. Once again, I am not sure how he got so old. G took the kids to see Transformers, but found out it probably wasn't something we should see, so they settled on Up. G had a board meeting that night, so we celebrated the day in the pool, and had an ice cream roll cake at lunch with his mom and sister. The cake had a few issues, but tasted good. It was a nice relaxing day. On Saturday we went to the parade. You just can't have the 4th of July without one, even if it is a sad one. But oh, well. We then had friends over for a barbecue and swimming. We had a great time, I hope they did too. We played cards, had a vigorous game of keep away in the pool, visited, and ate. We finished the day off with watching fireworks with more friends.
We have it so easy in this land of freedom. I hope I never take it for granted, and thank all who serve our country. I appreciate all who leave their families, and those who stay behind without the daily help of a spouse. Thank you!
Good Things:
1. America
2. Days we celebrate
3. Tri tip