Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Yeah Soccer!

Is over! Soccer is officially over for the season. I do love to watch the kids play, but it is time for the next thing. K and B played their last game yesterday with two more loses...So, we will pretend the season ended on Saturday with 2 wins. K was recognized as a senior at the last home game. Her high school soccer career has ended! B was one of the captains for the JV team. D and G (coach) had a winning season for the most part, but ended in third place. I just had to take pictures, so I have tried to narrow it down to something you could watch, but I took so many more. You may notice, that we love the #2. I think it started, because that was always the smallest jersey. I am not sure that will continue to work for D, but we will see. Go Team!

Good Things:
1. soccer season is over
2. beautiful weather for soccer
3. whatever is next
4. getting to enjoy it as a family

Friday, October 9, 2009

Good Things

1. A beautiful fall day
2. Checking off a few things on the to do list
3. Listening to K practice a song for Sunday

Sunday, October 4, 2009

When was the last time YOU went to the temple?

A few weeks ago I had a complete meltdown. You know, the kind you stomp your feet, yell, and holler, and can't talk to anyone kind. And yes, it was all about the same stuff it always is...kids not picking up after themselves, and all of their stuff oozing into my living space. You would think that after having children for 17 years I would finally be over it. I AM NOT! I can only take so much, and then I have one of those tantrums. It always happens the same way...I go upstairs. (that is a forbidden area for me at my house) I am not talking about a little clutter. This is the kind of clutter that if my whole house looked this way, my children would be taken away. Funny that it is the children that cause the problem. Anyway, I was not at all happy about it, and was not easy to live with for several days. Finally after having calmed down, (days later) and taken the vow to never go up again, I was discussing my ranting and raving episode with D. He very calmly said, "When was the last time you went to the temple?" I will be the first to admit, that I am a much better mom and wife when I am going to the temple regularly. So that only leads to the question, "What would have happened if I hadn't gone to the temple?" That is frightening to think about. I guess I just better keep going.

Good Things:
1. going to the temple
2. kids who can see the difference
3. my living space