Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Toys...

I must tell you, that the last post was sincere...However, today my new toy was delivered, and G's too. We got each other new toys for Christmas...And it isn't what you think! I got him a dryer, and he got me a washer!
OHHH, they are so wonderful! And QUIET! It just got fun to do the laundry. I have been wanting new ones for about 3 years, and they just kept on giving. But then the washer started to leak, so we decided after about 13 years of a used set, we would get new one. I really didn't realize how loud the old ones were. I don't even have to shut the laundry room door. I can barely hear them with the door open.
And just so you know, I went with the Electrolux.
I really like them so far. I like them enough that I just might start doing my children's laundry again. Just kidding kids! I will share them with you though.

Good Things:
1. Quiet
2. Meaningful gifts
3. A husband who wanted a dryer.

Christmas at the Koenigs

We had a great Christmas season. Here were a few highlights:
  • Making a gingerbread house (or castle) with someone else doing the gingerbread making. And yes, it was even homemade. It was so much fun. Thanks Sommer family.
  • Caroling with friends. This is my favorite tradition. I grew up doing it, and I just can't stop. We sounded amazing thanks to friends with great voices. Thanks Brummett, Barton, & Sommer families.
  • A visit from the Brummett's - to go caroling. So fun to see their cute family grow.
  • Christmas Eve with more friends. Yummy food, fun games, and visiting. Thanks Jones and Williams families.
  • More Christmas Eve and Christmas with Family. Of course more food and games. Thanks Guisti and Koenig families.
  • New Year's Eve blessings we want for the coming year and making new friends. Thanks Lords family.
  • Braiden's baptism
  • A visit from my parents - even if it was quick and I had meetings all day.

The rest of the time we just relaxed, played more games, and ate more yummy food. As you can see we are so blessed to have so many friends and family to spend time with. We enjoy the time we spent with all of you and appreciate your kindness and friendship. Sometimes we get caught up thinking life is all about things, but it is really about relationships. I love that we had so many opportunities this Christmas season to strengthen friendships with both family and friends, and hope I can be a better friend to all. I learn from all of you and your example.

We are also blessed to understand the importance of Jesus Christ in our lives and the need for the sacrifice he made for us. So silly that we try to give tangible gifts in celebration of what he has done for us, when the gift he has given is so precious.

So...Thank you to all who made our Christmas wonderful.