Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Good things:

1. K coming home
2. Good food
3. Safe travels

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Finished Product

The dress, not the girl! (Still working on her!)
And other cute pictures from prom.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

For whatever reason, I can't add the picture for the felted hat. maybe later


I tried something new over the weekend...Felting! Felting is when you use a wool yarn and then shrink it down so it no longer looks like yarn, but felt. I found a super easy pattern for free on the internet at Crochet Me. I was very sceptical about it because when I finished crocheting, it looked like it would fit Shrek. But I added hot water, and TADAH...a cute little hat. It was so easy, I want to make more. So guess what I am giving for Christmas? Too bad all those difficult people I give to don't want a cute felted hat! I still need to add a few braids which I will add BEFORE felting next time, but I was so excited, I just couldn't wait.

Good Things:
1. learning something new
2. being excited about it
3. getting Christmas started

More of the Same

Yes, more of the same. That just means life keeps going so I run to keep up. Nothing spectacular or noteworthy really at my house. Just the usual. B starts regional playoffs in soccer today. Going in with the # 1 seat in our division with an 18-1 record. D is done with soccer, finished 3rd in his division. K is loving college and I think doing well. She got a part-time job and also volunteers at an afterschool program. G is now working with the deacons in young men's, which is good because D is there. I have gotten back into the gym and doing well, I just figured out how to breathe so I don't go home with a headache everyday. Last week I canned some green tomato raspberry jam and some green salsa. Both are yummy! I have also been working on a prom dress, (which is based loosely on this pattern, as always) table runner, and scrap blanket. Things are good, just more of the same!

Good things:

1. more of the same

2. sewing

3. life