Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Precious moments

We got together one last time before B is off to the Jacksonville Florida mission! 

K and A came to be with us as we went to the temple for B's first time.  It was wonderful, and I can hardly wait until D can join us. There is such peace that the temple brings into my life, that I get excited when others can enjoy the blessings of the temple. 
We were also joined by Gram and Pa Carter, Gram Guisti, Brett, and friends who have had an impact in her life.  It was wonderful to have the support of so many.
We spent the next few days playing games and enjoying each others company.  Weston received a name and blessing on Sunday and that was fun to remember I was in the same place not long ago.  At least it seems not long ago!  Carters left Monday morning, and we relaxed by the pool for a bit before going to celebrate Gpa Guisti's 70th birthday with a family dinner.  On Tuesday we celebrated B's birthday with gifts, more food, and a few friends for cake.  K and A decided they didn't want to miss that fun and stayed one more day with us. 
K and A took off this morning after saying goodbye to B for 19 months.  It made me sad in a happy way, if that is possible. 
There is something about a sister's love that you just always need no matter where they are and how old you get.
I already can't wait until we can be back together again.  I am so thankful for the temples that make it possible for us to be together FOREVER in the eternities.  For now it is a temporary goodbye for these beautiful sisters.

 Of Course we had to do some family pictures while we  were all together one last time.


I love this family.  So happy I will get to hang these on my wall to see everyday until we are back together again.  Thanks for a great weekend. 
Less than one month until the rest of us have to say good bye.  Not looking forward to that, but I am looking forward to all the opportunities that await sister K.
Good Things:
1. getting the family together
2. Opportunities of growth
3. Temples