Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lots of udating...

Although I am really far behind on things, lack of updates has not entirely been my doing. There for awhile, I was unable to get into my blog. Not really sure what happened, but I was finally able to merge a few accounts and email addresses, and now I am back!
A few of the highlights in the last month:
I got the garden planted about 10th of May to ensure a better garden than last years June planting. Went on vacation, to come back to all plants I set out frozen black! The seed all did fine, and the plants are now planted again, with the hope of survival. It has been cold and windy for a very long time. I usually try to go without the air conditioner until after Memorial day. This year, I turned the heat back on for the third time the Saturday before Memorial day. But the weather changed quick, and the air came on Sunday.
G and I went to Phoenix to witness his brother graduate with a master's degree. All the siblings were there. We decided to extend the vacation and celebrate 21 years of marriage! We had a nice relaxing time. We stayed at a fun Hilton that had a great little water park included in the price. One of our favorite things was floating the lazy river. We were pretty lazy ourselves. We read, listened to music, slept, went to a baseball game, did a little shopping, enjoyed the warm weather and sunshine, and ate some yummy food. Why does it always come down to food for me?!
The next weekend we went to the state track meet in Las Vegas. B, who is a first year tracker, qualified in two events. Her relay team took 2nd, but ran their best time all season, and was very very close to beating the school record. She also qualified in pole vault, being seated 4th, but she did not end up making height once there. She was very frustrated, but did great. She was the first to ever qualify for pole vault in the high school, and tied the school record. She is looking forward to beating it next year. While we were in Vegas, we visited our friends the Brummets and had a great time.
I never wrote about it, but D was selected to go to All State Middle school choir! So I went with him in early april. It really is amazing the sound the directors can get to come out of a bunch of jr. high students. He really enjoyed it, and they sounded great. Unfortunately, G couldn't be at the concert because he was at a school board conference in Washington DC. D also played 6 on 6 soccer with the big boys this year. 7-12 grade. Wow, what a difference that what he was used to. But he did well with his team getting 2nd place, and learning from the older kids.
Memorial Day weekend was a perfect weekend! K (and our friend Cory) came home for the weekend on the spur of a moment, and we just enjoyed being together. B had a recital on Friday night, and she sang "Think of Me" from Phantom of the Opera beautifully! We slept in, had a late breakfast, did not much of anything, and then played games and went to dinner. Sunday we did church, and went to visit Brett and family. Monday we got K off and enjoyed a day at the park playing, visiting, and eating with friends. Came home, and then enjoyed more family with a campfire and smores. I think this was the first soccer or track free Saturday since March!
This last weekend, we spent with more family. This time from my side. My nephew just got home from his mission in Chile. I saw everyone in my family but 2 brothers. That is pretty good for us. But I still missed them. It was fun to hear of his mission experiences and testimony. We also got to hear more of what Mom and Dad are doing on their mission. They seem to be enjoying it, but both said it is hard work! That says alot...because they are some of the hardest working people I know.
I am so blessed to have such great family and friends. I would be so sad without these relationships, because they really are what matters most!

Good things:
1. 21 years of marriage...how can I really be old enough for that?
2. knowing that relationships with those you love can last forever
3. recognizing people make me happy

Monday, June 13, 2011

Good Things

1. Visiting family
2. Visiting friends who have become family
3. Sunshine...finally