Monday, November 17, 2008

What to Do?

A Sunday with no meetings for anyone seemed to be a very long day. So with a little persuading from me, we took some pictures. Although we have taken them in the past, I still didn't have the perfect one that was wall worthy. I think we finally got it. And just in time for Christmas cards.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Unfortunately, I am not like all of you, and it takes me forever to get pictures on the blog. So...coming soon will be our Halloween. I am sure you are just holding your breath to see what the K family came up with this year!

Moving On

Life always keeps going... sometimes it is good, sometimes it is not, and sometimes it just means you are getting older. Such is life in our family. G was released from the bishopric on Sunday. After serving for almost 7 years, it is time to move on. I have given him 2 weeks or less to have another calling. I wonder what it will be?!
We had parent conferences on Thursday for D. We actually got some valuable information. He rotates through 4 teachers each day. 2 were in agreement that he needed to be changed to a more challenging class. The peers in his current class were affecting his attitude for school. (lazy, schoolwork,success) And so they told us to go talk with the counselor and have him moved to a higher achieving class. Amazingly, it happened the next day! He was excited about changing classes.
K is going out with someone. (for all you old people...going out is not actually going anywhere! It means you are dating. When I asked if it meant she couldn't date other people she said she could. So...I really don't know what it means!) Anyway, although I am not completely thrilled with the idea, she chose well. I could not have picked a nicer boy. He is one of my counselor's son. Great kid from a great family.
The prom dress is coming along slowly, but has some fitting issues, as you could imagine if you have seen K's physique lately. I hope it turns out as good as it looks in my head. I still have 3 weeks, and a visit home to the fitting expert. Maybe she can help me out.

Good Things:
1. not having to buy a prom dress - I think
2. more time with G
3. improvement for D

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Did you think I was on vacation?

Well, I wasn't!
Things have been especially busy lately. But the good news is ...THE SOCCER SEASON IS DONE! Let me repeat that just for fun...the soccer season is over. It was great, but it is always good to move onto the next thing. I have been busy finishing up a wedding and 3 professional sessions. And of course doings kids, and all the other things that come with them. (laundry, meals, etc.) Sewing again...Almost finished up on Christmas. (At least in the sewing department.) I even cleaned out my sewing closet. I sure do have a lot of scraps I need to piece together for a quilt! And, I do need to get real serious about this prom dress I need to make. We also just finished up a young women fireside. It turned out wonderful. Once again thanks to my great presidency. My oven died, so I had to get a new one. But it won't be in until the 12th. That is a long time for me to go without an oven. I bought a papa murphy's pizza the other day, jumped in the car and went to call the kids to tell them to preheat the oven, and then realized we didn't have one. So I stopped and bought burritos for dinner. The crock pot will be heavily used in the next few weeks, but doesn't do so good in the cookie and muffin department. Send us your favorite crockpot recipes.
Good Things:
1. Sewing
2. Doing nothing on a Saturday
3. Cool nights with lots of covers, and my window open