Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Back in the saddle...so to speak.

The stitches are out, and the swelling has gone down. Still soft food is best, but it's the play offs! Yes, D was back on the ball field Saturday. This week is the tournament. He played center field last night with no problems, and we will continue to hope for that. The Yankees (his team) won, so we go on to the next game. I fear sliding, batting, and fly balls of any sort. I don't think he fears anything. That is good...i think!
The count down is on for Young women's camp. I think most things are taken care of, but time will tell. Any ideas on teaching that Christ is the bread of life? I am open for suggestions.
Good Things:
1. laziness of summer
2. truth
3. my own situation


bcrandall said...

Christ is the bread of life Huh? Just like he taught them to fish so they could eat for life he teaches us how to fish so we don't starve spiritually. Not very good wording but I think you know what I mean. Good Luck with that.

Sue said...

I'm SO sad to be missing camp...I was so excited! Be sure to give everyone my love.

thorkgal said...

You've been going to camp forever.
I just thought of likening it to the parable of the seed, some dough rises, some falls, sort of thing. You can rewrite it to fit. Some times we get puffed up till we get punched down. We all "knead" each other, blah, blah, blah. You've probably come up with something by now. Anyway... have fun.

JLC said...

Are you already at camp? We go tomorrow. My suggestion is to go to lds.org and type in those words.