Wednesday, January 7, 2009


On Sunday in Relief Society the teacher was saying she isn't very good at setting goals, so I said "A goal not written down is only a wish." Which hopefully she understood that I only know that because I too am really not good at all at setting goals. That I have and have had many wishes in my life. So... I am going to write down my goals for all to see. Maybe I will be able to keep them, and maybe you can help me (or shame me) into keeping them. So, here they are: Take the challenge from Sister Dalton in the January New Era to the young women - Read my scriptures for 5 minutes a day, Say my prayers everyday, and smile. I know, to some of you this probably sounds ridiculous. But I know myself, and need to start small. This is very do- able, and I really should end the year with this accomplished. So far so good. Now, I am setting one more goal that will be more difficult, and even harder to know if I have really given it my best shot. ..I am going to practice being a kinder, less sarcastic, more uplifting person. I know, hard to believe, but a very very good friend of mine (yes, you know who you are!) has got me thinking of all the sarcasm and teasing that I give her, and maybe just maybe, I should repent and be a better friend. And so, that is what I will do. ( reminders are welcome.) Now all the world knows of my New Year's Resolution and it is now more than a wish!
Good Things:
1. Friends who inspire you to do better.
2. Getting back to basics.
3. Friends who know your weaknesses, and are still your friends.


thorkgal said...

I could have been reading my own blog... but I suffer from that whole wish, no disappointments thing and haven't written anything down. Dare I??? Those goals could have been my own too, sounds similar and so much like me.
Good Luck, I'm going to think about starting small. Your an inspiration.

jjones said...

That very good friend of yours sounds very insecure ... I think you are perfect in every way!

terra said...

Yes, just like mary poppins. I can be sarcastic to myself right?

JLC said...

No, not mary poppins. I've never seen you take a lamp out of your bag. But you are close. My one goal for this year is to be more diligent about piano practicing with my kids. Since September, they have progressed about 3 weeks worth, because I stopped monitoring their practice time. If I only give them one gift before they leave home, i want it to be music.