Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Everyone is Okay...

Have your ever received a phone call that started with "Everyone is okay, but..." I received such a call last week while having lunch after a session at the temple. Apparently K and her friend H had a little mishap. Into each other! A hummer will always win when it collides with a jaguar. But, the kids were all okay, and things can be replaced. Kids, not so much.

Both were stopped at a stop light when it happened. Now, I am not really sure how two stationary vehicles can collide, but that is what they tell me. When I asked K's passenger T what happened, thinking okay he is a boy, he was paying attention he said, "the universe shrank."

G was out of town working, where there is no cell service to his phone, and I was an hour away. So H's mom JJ calmed everyone and took care of things until I got home. Thank goodness she was around, because she is usually hard to get a hold of. So that was the excitement at our house this week. I hope we don't have any more of that kind of excitement for a really long time.

Good Things:
1. Safe kids
2. JJ
3. insurance (even if it goes up)

"I knew it was bad when I looked at the hood and the jaguar was gone."
passenger in K's car


Heidi said...

YIKES!! I am really glad that everyone is okay. If K and H need someone to give them therapy through this wreck...I might be able to help...having had three wrecks, including one complete total, before the age of 21! Get them back behind the wheel asap!

thorkgal said...

Goodness...that's not pretty.
I still want the story. But, hearing the universe shrank, now that is priceless. I'll have to remember the next time Brade gets in a pickle. He's been in 3! It's never involved anyone else which is weird... just him and the car. Odd.

Wendy said...

Glad everyone was ok! What a scary phone call to get.

Mama Bair said...

Wow! That was a heart stopping title. I'm glad everyone was okay. I must admit... if I had a $ for everytime I have heard that or worse...I could pay the Dr bills for him. As it is, we own large shares of 3 separete(sp) hospitals. Good luck and Thank goodness K and friends were protected.

Mama Bair said...

P.S. that same child is also why our kids always drove old vehicles. ( He thought they were disposible anyway)

Sariah said...


Carters said...

I am so glad to see it wasn't worse than that. The Jag doesn't look too bad. Hey, if you haven't heard, we would be happy to have you stay with us for the dance competition. We are 5 miles from Hillcrest.