Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Toys...

I must tell you, that the last post was sincere...However, today my new toy was delivered, and G's too. We got each other new toys for Christmas...And it isn't what you think! I got him a dryer, and he got me a washer!
OHHH, they are so wonderful! And QUIET! It just got fun to do the laundry. I have been wanting new ones for about 3 years, and they just kept on giving. But then the washer started to leak, so we decided after about 13 years of a used set, we would get new one. I really didn't realize how loud the old ones were. I don't even have to shut the laundry room door. I can barely hear them with the door open.
And just so you know, I went with the Electrolux.
I really like them so far. I like them enough that I just might start doing my children's laundry again. Just kidding kids! I will share them with you though.

Good Things:
1. Quiet
2. Meaningful gifts
3. A husband who wanted a dryer.


Heidi said...

I am really jealous...but SUPER happy for you! We really are so much alike...that would be a really fun Christmas present for me, too! Fortunately...or unfortunately, as the case may dad is really good at repairing things...washers seem to be one of his specialties...I may never get a new one if he keeps it up ;)

Amy said...

YEAH! I got new washer and dryer last spring (front loads!) and LOVE them! I kind of think I borderline on worship! :-) I always have LOTS of clothes here if you want something to wash!

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