Friday, February 19, 2010

Rolling Along...

I really don't have anything to share strong opinions, nothing irritating, nothing spectacular. But G keeps telling me I need to update my blog. Just rolling along. We did have a fun weekend with friends celebrating a birthday, visiting with a missionary who served here, going to Walley's. You know it has been a successful weekend of play when it is time for a major clean-up on Tuesday. K has a new blog address, you can get there on my link. Here is something exciting. We are going to Belize to celebrate our 20th year wedding anniversary. And yes, we really are that old! We just look young! If only it were true!
Good things:
1. Something to look forward to
2. Playing all weekend


The Crandalls said...

You wouldn't mind if I came to Belize with you right? What are you doing for spring break? Have fun.

Wendy said...

Wow...Belize....that sounds so fun. You guys must have gotten married when you were 13 or somthing to be celebrating 20 years already ;)