Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I tried something new over the weekend...Felting! Felting is when you use a wool yarn and then shrink it down so it no longer looks like yarn, but felt. I found a super easy pattern for free on the internet at Crochet Me. I was very sceptical about it because when I finished crocheting, it looked like it would fit Shrek. But I added hot water, and TADAH...a cute little hat. It was so easy, I want to make more. So guess what I am giving for Christmas? Too bad all those difficult people I give to don't want a cute felted hat! I still need to add a few braids which I will add BEFORE felting next time, but I was so excited, I just couldn't wait.

Good Things:
1. learning something new
2. being excited about it
3. getting Christmas started

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