Sunday, May 20, 2012


Really?  Can one of MY babies really be twenty years  old?  I don''t know how that happened.  But it did, quicker than I ever imagined.  I am a bit late, things have been crazy as usual here, Happy Birthday K! I love you, and am so happy you joined our family.   I wished I could have been with you on your birthday, but when you grow up and move away it makes it difficult.  So just pretend I am wrapping my arms around you and telling all the wonderful things I love about you such as:
1. you are beautiful all the way through
2. your eyes sparkle when you smile
3. you have a plan...for everything
4. you are responsible
5. you are nice to everyone
6. you know how to get things done
7. you are sooo patient
8. you aren't afraid to be you
9. your voice is that of an angel
10. you always look for the best in everyone
11. and in every situation
12. you make me proud
13. you are a good example
14. you know what is truly important
15. you are fun to be around
16. you always look for ways to help
17. you are modest
18. you have a testimony...and live it
19. you make me smile
20. you make me happy to have you as my daughter
Hope your birthday was as wonderful as you.  You are loved more than you can comprehend right now, but someday when you have a child you will understand that love, and how you want the very best for them, and would do anything possible to make them happy.  So on your birthday, I wish for you, peace and happiness... forever.  It is possible! I love you, Mom


Beth said...

LOVE your photos...especially the one with you and your girls! Happy Anniversary and congratulations on having such a wonderful 20 year old.

The Fallon Schank's said...

These are such pretty pictures! (Did you just set the camera on auto?)

Kennedy Sue said...

Thanks so much. I love you bunches and bunches.