Sunday, November 17, 2013


Things continue to stay so busy around here.  My friend Shelly continues to improve,  I can say I have seen miracles!  It will be a long difficult road, but thankful for the progress and miracles happening in her life. 
I have been thinking lots about the blessings of having a missionary.  And although there are so many,  the one I keep thinking most about is how hearing her experiences, and enthusiasm has put a little pressure on me to focus more on what I can do to serve those around me, and to put a lot more time into studying the gospel.  This is definitely not my strong point, and I struggle every day with making time to study.  I sort of feel like I will be left in the dust spiritually if I don't get a move on it. I love that the excitement of sharing the gospel can come across in an email, and the holy ghost testifies again and again that truth has been restored.  I am so blessed to know what so many do not.
 So, my current goal is to finish the New Testament by Christmas.  It really shouldn't be that difficult because I am almost there.  I am also trying to keep up on lessons.   And with Christmas coming, what better time to  focus on the essential truths of the gospel.  So, I give you a challenge... Put a little more focus on your studying of the gospel.  However you want to study, whatever you want to study.  Just focus on becoming a little better in whatever you feel inclined.  It will bless your life. 

Good things:
1.  pressure
2.  miracles
3.  music

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Beth said...

Thank you for that challenge. My scripture study has been basically non-existent for the past several weeks and I was wondering how I was going to get motivated to change. I will go and read some now.