Monday, January 21, 2008


On Saturday our really good friends moved away. It will be a great move for them because it is not only a pay raise, but also back to their families. However, we are sad and lonely. Although they lived here for only a little over a year, they just sort of became part of our family. So not only do we lose good friends, but also a business partner here, a little boy for G and I, a little brother for our kids, a big brother and sister for my kids, a younger brother and sister for g and I, a great young women's leaders, and game players. So, thanks for being our friends, and letting us be part of your family! V- you set up a business that is so much fun and gave me so much help. (I am sure you will continue with all of your help!) I never would have done it alone. So Thanks guys! Fortunately I have other great friends in my life of which I am also grateful. I am glad none of you are moving away, but wanted to let you know I appreciate your friendship, and help. Life would certainly be dull without you. Have a great day

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Valerie said...

We really miss you guys already! It was great to be able to just show up at your house and have a place that we were welcome. Carter sees cars everywhere we go and thinks they belong to you guys. We are excited to see you in Feb!