Friday, January 18, 2008


Tonight as I sat contemplating life in a bathtub full of bubbles, the famous words of Dory came to mind... "swimming, swimming, just keep swimming." Today was going to be a relaxing day spent getting some paperless paper work done from my office. (aka laying in bed in my pajamas working on my laptop. ) So I get the kids and husband out the door to school and work and head to the bedroom. Cellphone rings with the "I need blahblahblah" Since I don't think it appropriate to show up at the high school in pajamas, I hop in the shower and make my first trip of my day into town. After dealing with a bloody nose of K's, & getting some groceries, I head home to get the work done not in my pajamas, and not in my bed. On the second trip to town I get pulled over for going a little too fast, and my proof of insurance is nowhere to be found. I get off with a warning for speed, but I have to go to the judge with my proof of insurance, or pay a $732 fine! Just as I am getting things done at home again, K calls with drivers ed being cancelled, so it is back into town to pick her up. Home again to get things gathered for tomorrow's personal progress dinner. Back in again to get K to basketball game, she must arrive 1 hour 45 minutes before it actually starts. Home again to load up V's part of the business as she is moving tomorrow. (more on that later.) Back into town to help them load the truck and go to the basketball game that K didn't even get to play in. But at least tonight she got to actually wear the uniform and warm up with the team. Now, you might wonder what was I contemplating? I am not sure, but if I don't keep swimming, I fear I will either drowned, or find myself down stream! So much for my relaxing day, But at least I am able to do it. I am both healthy enough, and don't have to go to work out of the home, although I am never in the home. Anyway, life is good, and I have so much to be thankful for. So for all you other mothers... Just keep swimming!

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The Mom said...

It's so great to see you added some things. Keep posting with more fun stuff.