Saturday, April 5, 2008

Life is good1

G and I went on a little vacation, or at least I did. We went to a school board conference in Orlando. We went a day early and enjoyed the Disney animal park and Magic Kingdom, so I guess that counts for his vacation too. Although the rest of the time he spent the majority in classes. We did go to Epcot, and enjoy our evenings together. But mostly I got the vacation. Relaxing by the pool, reading a book, shopping, and taking care of some business stuff on my computer. It was a great break, and very enjoyable, but now it is back to the regular busy-ness. Thanks to my sister B for taking care of the kids. Although she did a great job, and the kids had fun, I don't think she liked the instant family. Okay, not so much the family, just the craziness with life of teenagers that makes is difficult for a two year old who isn't particularly fond of being in the car, and being woken up from naps to pick up someone. The true test will be when I ask her to do it again! Thanks B!
So the vacation is over, and it is back to track, play, and baseball practice, violin and voice lessons, cub scouts, and young women's. And that is just the kids. School board with budget cuts, meetings, and more meetings with me for community and parent involvement in the schools. And we can't forget church meetings. But such is life, and I don't know what I would do with free time if I had it, probably just waste it. So I will just keep swimming!
Dad gave us a scare this week. We had some type of a stroke, just like he had a few years ago. Although he lost his short term memory for a while, and one whole day, they think he is doing okay. More results will be back on Monday. Thanks for family close by to take care of Mom and Dad and various other things. Unfortunately the stroke means he has to lay low for awhile. No branding, riding his horse, and taking the cows to the hills, all of which my Dad lives for. But at least I still have a Dad around, with at this time no real serious side affects of a stroke. Sometimes we just have to be reminded of what is really important.

Good things:
1. Dads
2. Sisters
3. Ability to have a crazy life

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Wendy said...

I'm sorry to hear about your Dad's stroke. Hope the remaining test results come back good.

I'm glad you got to enjoy a little vacation. It sounds heavenly!