Sunday, July 20, 2008

I am so smart!

Actually if you all click on the little advertisement in the left hand corner of my blog...the cutest blog on the block, you will find that I am really not. Just find the layout you like, and they tell you exactly how to apply it to your blog! I am looking forward to something really cute from all of you.

Good things:
1. family reunions
2. end of family reunions
3. eternal families


Sariah said...

You'r still smart anyways:)

Mama Bair said...

Terra, cute blog, I hope you don't mind be tracking it. It is so fun to use this tool to keep up with the family. Lori

JLC said...

Terra, we would love to see pictures of your family reunions (if you have time) and a few details of the fun since we couldn't be there.