Friday, August 1, 2008

Alone at last?!

Things as always have been pretty crazy, but why should I think they wouldn't be. We have had extra children here since the end of June. So...I can't be nice any longer! I have hit my limit. Not that any of the children were bad, just that I am used to 3 who just do there own thing, and take care of there own stuff. (parents: if I had your kids, don't take it personally. There is just something about your own family that is comfortable. )
Anyway... Gramma invited the kids to go to SanDiego with her this weekend, and so I am all alone. It seems kind of strange and very very quiet. There are lots of things I should be doing, but I don't think they are on today's list. Maybe when school is back in session, and I have lots of time alone, I will get to them. But today, and I am doing whatever I want!

Good Things:
1. Doing whatever I want
2. Spending time with just G
3. A moment to sew


Valerie said...

When I have a huge to do list is when I really want to sit and do nothing! When both kids are napping I should get into high gear and be productive; but that is when I work on the computer or something else! Funny how that works!

You are always so busy. Good to see you have some mellow time! Until someone loses teeth again!

thorkgal said...

I feel ya. Hope you are more productive than I am at moments like that... I hit a wall and it takes a while before the productive juices start flowing, then everyone comes home! Enjoy it while you can. Gotta love it.