Wednesday, September 3, 2008

B's Happy Birthday

14 Things we love about B
1. A ready smile
2. Mischievious giggle
3. Sense of humor
4. Respectful of others
5. Very thoughtful
6. Gives great pedicures
7. Quiet testimony
8. Competitive
9. Sweet clear voice
10. Fun loving
11. Creative
12. Helpful - most of the time
13. Good student
14. Independent

We love you B! Has it really been 14 years since K said "Baby, Come Out!" Our life wouln't be the same without you as part of our family. We want the very best for you, and always remember you are worth it.


Wendy said...

Happy 14th Birthday B!!

thorkgal said...

That is the cutest idea ever. I'll have to remember that when birthdays come along. The best to your sweet girl. She probably doesn't even remember us. (sniff)