Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Is This the New Normal?

We are now in the third week of school. And I think we have settled into the new normal. Some parts of it I like, and other parts...not so much!
The day goes something like this:
5:10 girls get up and get ready for school
5:40 they come down stairs making noise, turning on lights, and clanging dishes. Now I could get up, but they seem to find something to eat, and load their bags with food and other necessities for the rest of the day without me. Which is fine with me, I don't function too well this time of day.
Out the door to be at the church for seminary at 6. So far they have been on time.
Seminary ends at 6:45. B has dance on MWF at 7 at the school. K has AP chemistry at 7:20 everyday. But B has to stay in the same seminary class so on the off days she finishes getting ready, sleeps, does homework, or talks with friends until the regular seminary is done and then catches a ride to school with Gramma who is teaching seminary this year.
I don't see them again until about 5:45 when soccer practice is done.
That is a long day for them! It wears me out just to think about it.

After the girls leave, I doze in and out of sleep until about 7 when the rest of us get up and get going. Either G or I take D to school. I go to the gym at least 3 days a week for a class at 8:30. On Wednesday I go to the temple. During the day I do things all moms do, (laundry, dishes, toilets, etc.) I also go to meetings dealing with school committees, do pictures, read, talk on the phone - best if I call then I can use the ear piece, and still get something done,- shop, weed, blog, sew, young women, and I am taking a photography course. Most days D takes the bus home which gives me more time, and less taxiing. I really like a driver and not having to pick up high school kids. With all my less going in and out of town, I think we are actually SAVING money on gas at this point.

Soccer games are for K and B on Tuesday and Saturday's. G helps on the side lines. So we will try to go to all the games, home and away. That is 4 games a week. Add D's on Saturday. 5 games. Double header this week. 6 games. So far the weather is very pleasant, and it makes for an enjoyable day. I think you can kind of count that as being together as a family?!

Also add throughout the week, voice lessons, scouts, FHE, YW, school board, bishopric meetings.
It sounds like more than ever, but with me not chaffuering I actually feel like I have a lot more free time.

Good things:
1. more drivers
2. more free time
3. more time to talk to sisters ( okay not to K, it gets to crazy when she is available for talking, and my brain turns off about the time she gets home.)


Sue said...

Wow...that makes me feel even more tired than I already am...and I'm TIRED! Tell your cute fam hello for me.

Valerie said...

You guys are always so busy!!! I love it! Tell everyone hi from us and we can't wait to play cards soon!

thorkgal said...

I knew your days would be crazy like all of us crazy moms out there. But, I must agree extra drivers are truly a blessing.

Sariah said...

I thought I was busy!