Thursday, October 9, 2008


Yesterday was bit of a weepy day for me. D had been invited (monday) to go with grampa this weekend chukar hunting. He was very excited because he got to go last year, and had been looking forward to hopefully being invited again. It just wasn't seeming to work with details of us meeting up with grampa because of a crazy weekend - as always. G asked if I could take D there (2hours away) and I said I would have to think about it. Something just wasn't right. I dropped D off to school, and called G on my way to the temple to discuss what we should do. I told him, I just wasn't super comfortable with it. I could hardly talk to him, because you all probably know how I get when I am weepy. Anyway, It was decided that the spirit was trying to tell me something! Why couldn't I listen? I immediately felt much better, and know that is the decision we needed to make. After D got home from school, I explained what I had felt. I told him I didn't know why, maybe danger, maybe not, but I just didn't think he better go. Although he was very very sad, he accepted it. I asked him to pray about it to see if he felt the same way.

So this morning I asked if he had received a confirmation that we had done the right thing. He told me that yesterday he had felt sick when he thought about going.(I had the same feeling) He then went on to say he had gotten up at 6 to read (as he always does) but had read the scriptures. I asked how long he had read them because he usually reads until 7, and he said an hour. If only I could do that. He is so amazing...I get weepy all over again. So my resolve is to try harder to be the example.

Good Things:
1. promptings
2. listening
3. amazing kids


Wendy said...

Way to've obviously set a great example of listening to the spirit for your kids and now they are following your example.

I'm so impressed with an hour of scripture study by D. I wish I could say I did that!

thorkgal said...

Wow, what a great experience that you both shared. I wish I listened better, when I don't... I feel homesick. If that makes sense, spiritually.

Your awesome!!!

I just got in touch with Eric on Facebook, we didn't know they were divorced. How sad. It was nice to hear from him though.

Heidi said...

Wow, again. I am all weepy, too. You both are amazing. I knew we did the right thing naming our boy for yours...just a confirmation. Again, thanks for sharing.