Thursday, October 9, 2008

Refreshed... and Ready to go?

G and I went to LV last week. G went to classes, and I was able to recharge. Okay, He had a little fun too. We visited our friends,had dinner, and played pinochle. That was so much fun! It was great to see them again. I can't believe how their kids have grown. I guess that happens. We also went to see Chicago - the band, that was good, but I didn't realize they had alot of stuff before the 80's that I did not recognize, but fun anyway. There are so many good restaurants to choose from. We ate well! As for my recharging...reading by the pool, getting a stone massage, facial, shopping, and just laying in bed. I think I needed that and came back recharged. I also did some thinking about what I needed to do at my house, (clean, dejunk, yard) young women's, Christmas, and life in general. What a great getaway.

Good things:
1. hot stone massages
2. a getaway partner
3. coming home

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Wendy said...

sounds heavenly!