Friday, March 27, 2009

13 days and counting...

Today there are a million (okay, probably not that many) things I should be doing right now instead of posting. Such as finishing costumes that really should have been done by now, cleaning out the restof my flower beds, making a list for our trip, and regular mom stuff. But I just realized we only have 13 days until we leave for our big trip. We are going to Rome for spring break. The kids are excited, and Davis has been reading about the colliseum, and gladiators. It seems so far away still. I think because there are still lots of things that need to happen before we go. I am sure it will go fast, and I haven't really given the list much thought, I think I better start one of those today.
Davis had his last pinewood derby last night. Although he didn't win, he said he thinks his car was faster than it has ever been. He had a really cool looking car. He had a friend block it and set the wheels, and he did everything else. I looked really great. Pictures will come later.
Good things:
1. homemade tortillas
2. thinking your kids are amazing
3. clean bath tub

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Lindsey said...

And I was just thinking to myself, "I wonder what Terra's family is doing for spring break." I can't believe I forgot about Rome! I am so excited for your family to go! It really is a big trip to take your own family overseas like that, but I'm sure it will be so worthwhile. Let me know if you need a hand with anything before you go. I wish I had your sewing talent and I would help with the costumes.