Thursday, April 2, 2009


I could never be the presidents wife! I am very active in the school system in our community, and have always been since my children started school. I have served on various committees, and been active in PTO. I believe this is what eventually led g to be on the school board. It is difficult to sit back and watch things happen when you feel someone needs to step forward and make a difference. I am in no way saying we make a difference, but we kind of feel like you can't sit back and complain if you aren't willing to do something about it.
That being said, G receives criticism all the time about what he said or did as a member of the school board. I often want to say lots about what is really going on, or how the story really went, etc. But try to most of the time keep my mouth shut, exception of being among friends. (sorry guys, I gotta vent somewhere.) But this morning I just could not control that urge to speak up and defend my husband. It happened at a PIC meeting.
And unfortunately, I probably didn't do it very adequately or effectively. What I really wanted and meant to say was this...
On a seven member board, he is the only one who currently has children in the school system. He is looking out for what is best for his children, but their are about 2500 other children just like his. He does know what goes on in the schools, he goes to parent teacher conference, back to school nights, sport events, PTO's, musical events, drama events, and also committee meetings, and school board meetings. All of those children are not the exact same as his, but he tries his best to do what is best for the majority of the students, and what will improve the school system, and hopefully eventually make responsible citizens out of these students.
Okay, that should suffice my urge for at least a little while. Thanks for listening.
Good things
1. short meetings
2. people who stand up for what they believe (that is why you ran again)
3. 6 days to Italy


Carters said...

Wow! That was an awesome speech. I think what I have learned most from standing up for what you think is right is that there are always two sides to a story. And sometimes people only hear one side when they confront you about something you did wrong. I still think it is important to stand for something regardless. Way to go.

thorkgal said...

Our crazy school board is so tight we couldn't begin to influence them... so we just complain, which doesn't do any good. Potato harvest is sacred ground, and NO Martin Luther King Day... we are the only district in the nation that doesn't observe it. All we can do is vote, and apparently we are in the minority. I guess WE are the crazy ones around here.
Keep on standing for something, your awesome.

Mama Bair said...

Amen, That is exactly how I feel about Steve being a Senator. Almost every week he writes an article for the local papers to keep them informed. (post registar in Idaho Falls refuses to print them because Steve is concervative)
The local paper also always lists the home phone #. So I always get all the nasty phone calls. Thank goodness for caller ID and answering machines. I have learned that there are many good people trying to do the right thing for the majority but there is always those who only see their issue and scream to the public the unjustice they are suffering. Usually these are they who are being asked to sacrifice the same as everyone else, but think they should be above the law. But good people keep trying to make a difference, perhaps in their own lives the most as they serve others. Keep up the good work G.