Friday, June 5, 2009

Growing Up...

Just when I thought D was getting all grown up, we had the following conversation:
D:Do you know where your brush is? I had it upstairs.
B:Did you look in the drawers?
Me thinking: Wow, maybe he is going to comb his hair without being asked.
10 minutes later...
D wrestling with his dog with MY brush in his hand.
B:What are you doing?
D:Grooming my dog!

Good Things:
1. KNOWING he used my brush
2. Rain
3. End of school


Brett said...

The real question is how long has he been grooming Mia.

bcrandall said...

at least it wasn't your TOOTHbrush! One more thing you can add to your list of good things

Valerie said...

Ummm...I really hope that you don't curse us every night! We left you Mia to remember us you might kick us next time we see you! :)