Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Light the Fire Within

This was the theme for Young Women's camp this year. And I must say the fire just radiated from within! We had such a great camp. We had 117 girls and 54 leaders. We had a wonderful time, and it was so great to see the young women participate and get involved with everything. We had some amazing workshops and speakers, as well as super certification leaders and assistants. And of course the food was great, as always. We (I) was very concerned about the weather. It has been quite unsettled lately, but it was beautiful! We could not have asked for anything better. It rained at home, and everyone was worried about us, but we did not get a drop. The testimonies were amazing. I have never before seen girls so excited about sharing their testimonies, and I was so impressed with REAL testimonies. They all did such a great job, we did not have one lull. It was just a steady stream of young women. I wish I would have counted how many testimonies were shared, I figure close to ninety. I really felt like the young women benefited spiritually from attending. Not that they haven't in the past, but for some reason they just seemed ready to listen and take in everything this year. I am not really sure why it seemed different. Maybe they have to be more spiritually in tune these days to survive? I don't know, but it was just a great feeling of sisterhood. Thanks to wonderful counselors, secretary, director, stake help, and ward leaders, for making it happen. I am so blessed to be a part of this every year, and know that without great help, it would never come together so well. I appreciate all the support and prayers that go into such an event. As the director's husband said, "This isn't your camp, it's the Lords. He will have happen what needs to happen." I know he did, and I would be silly to think it wouldn't have happened without our help, But I do hope we were able to help in his plan of what needed to happen. So...Here's to another great camp, and a sigh of relief that it is least for a few months!


Wendy said...

Sounds wonderful! So glad it went well- you must be breathing a huge sigh of relief this week!

thorkgal said...

You've been "girls camping" for YEARS! Your a pro.

Valerie said...

WOW! Another great girls camp! I am sad every year at girls camp time.I really loved being there with the girls. They are so amazing.

Jeremy told Carter that it was D's Birthday and Carter asked him if D was his friend. Jeremy said yes and Carter said "Oh, He has lots and lots of Legos, hu."
Isn't that crazy this kids has me scared some times!

We still miss playing games and hanging out with your family.

Mommy Tray said...

It was a great camp this year. Thank you and your counselors/camp director for all the hard work you put into it. Thanks for scaring Kara and Amy the last night, it was awesome.