Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Harvest Time!

I harvested my peaches today! All nineteen of them. I know, when you can count the entire harvest, it isn't much, but I am happy about it nonetheless. Unfortunately, the birds thought they needed to snack on them until they were ripe. I covered them, but not until after much of the damage was done. There were maybe ten without traces of birds. So dinner tonight, peaches.

Good Things:
1. sun warmed peaches
2. cooling off in the pool after mowing the weeds/lawn
3. crossing off something on my do to list


thorkgal said...

There is nothing better than a fresh peach. I think it would beat the peanut butter cheesecake hands down. Enjoy!

Heidi said...

Where is the peach tree? And how have I missed it all these years?!!?

Carters said...

Challis has been babysitting 3 kids all summer. It is M-Th 7:30-3:00. It pays for her school clothes and choir fees. She is thinking of applying at Craigos because they hire 15 year olds. We will see. She's not very excited about it but she still needs about $800 for her end of the year choir trip.

Congrats on the 19 peaches! Peaches don't grow here, darnit!