Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Yeah Soccer!

Is over! Soccer is officially over for the season. I do love to watch the kids play, but it is time for the next thing. K and B played their last game yesterday with two more loses...So, we will pretend the season ended on Saturday with 2 wins. K was recognized as a senior at the last home game. Her high school soccer career has ended! B was one of the captains for the JV team. D and G (coach) had a winning season for the most part, but ended in third place. I just had to take pictures, so I have tried to narrow it down to something you could watch, but I took so many more. You may notice, that we love the #2. I think it started, because that was always the smallest jersey. I am not sure that will continue to work for D, but we will see. Go Team!

Good Things:
1. soccer season is over
2. beautiful weather for soccer
3. whatever is next
4. getting to enjoy it as a family


Carters said...

I love that you have the #2 jersey because it was smallest. So if my jersey was always 42, what does that mean. Ha Ha! Cute pics.

terra said...

At least you can say you had a jersey! Unlike me.

bcrandall said...

Onto the next thing. Glad soccer went well. See you soon.