Thursday, September 16, 2010


Attention all drivers and pedestrians...B got her license! I now only go into town a few times a day instead of several. Think of all the money I am saving on you ask? Not so much!

Good Things:
1. Less chauffering
2. Children prepared to be on their own
3. Children still at home


Beth said...

lol. Thanks for the warning! Fortunately I won't be needed to give such a warning for quite a while. Good luck!

kate said...

Thanks for the alert. I will pull off the road if I see her coming ;)I caught up on your other posts too, yours about K made me tear up. She is so wonderful thank goodness she has such a great mom, you've taught her all she needed to know, she was ready.

Heidi said...

wtg, B! I'm sure you're much better than your mother gives you credit for...just remember that you are NOT invincible and drive accordingly. I hope to see you on the road soon!