Monday, March 5, 2012

Septic Advice

After ten years of living here, my friends insisted that I get my septic pumped.  They said they could not believe I hadn't had problems, and that if I let it go too long it would ruin my leach line and be rather costly to repair.  So I called and they came today.  Who would have guessed that for $365 I would not only get my septic tank pumped, but also an hour session of marriage and family advice!  I have to say, it was actually a very nice visit with  a very nice gentleman.  He was probably around 65 or so years old, and seemed to have lots of life experience to share with me, and it was a beautiful day to sit with him while his workers shoveled to find the tank.  So here is some of his advice:
 *family is important, even when you don't have worldly wealth, family makes you rich
 *take some time with just your spouse
 *it is the little things that matter: $10 roses at safeway, a hug after a long day, a dinner out, etc.
 *talk to your kids, but mostly listen without judgement
 *provide a place for your kids to bring their friends so you know who they are with, and what they are doing.
 *take time to unwind after a stressful day at work before coming home: stop by for coffee - or maybe just a coke!
 *mom's  have a full time job: they should not work if possible, the kids need mom
 *everyone should help out everyone
 * always pump from both lids: check that it is done, some companies say they do, but don't!
 *say "I love you" and mean it
 *treat your family right, and you will always have them
 *turn off the TV
 *spend money on little things for your spouse, it will be worth it in the long run.  Cheaper than divorce.


Beth said...

That was too the middle of all this nice family advice there's: always pump from both lids: check that it is done, some companies say they do, but don't!

Great post. Thanks.

Janet Lee Carter - said...

Sounds like you already do all those things. Way to go!

Mama Bair said...

This was priceless and I loved it. Thank you for sharing.

Amy said...

I got the 'buy only Costco toilet paper' advice. You must already use that brand. Needless I am staying with sam's club!

Heidi Higley said...

I love it! I can see in my mind how that conversation went. What a great guy and what an amazing person you are to not only listen, but to take it to heart and share with the rest of us!

thorkgal said...

Wow...that was probably worth the money you spent right there. I can't believe you haven't pumped your tank! We had to every 4 years at our house but it was only $90. Obviously no life lessons were given. ;)