Monday, January 7, 2013

I don't like to hurt!

In late October my back started hurting again...just like it did six months ago.  Nothing seemed to set it off in particular.  After more than a week of hardly any movement, (which I am really not fond of) I went to the dr.  He gave me some pain meds, a muscle relaxer, and an MRI appointment.  After the MRI, I found there was a reason for my discomfort. (sometimes I wonder if I am just crazy, so that was good.)  I have three bulging disks.  So off the physical therapy I went for 4 weeks.  Movement got much better and I have been able to function.  I still have to be careful and keep up on my exercises, but for the most part feel good. It is still frustrating to not be able to exercise like I would like, but hope I will get there in time.  Sitting for long periods are not so good, but if I stand up and move around I am good.

Good things:
1.  a strong back
2. feeling better
3.  movement

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Wendy said...

Hope the improvement continues!