Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Am I?

So, today, on the first day I have chosen the word committed, I get a call at 8:30 from the Sister missionaries asking if I can help them out because they are in a trio right now, and two will need to go to Reno to pick up the other companion.  I was all ready to go workout, which I had decided I would do today, and take tomorrow off to go to the temple.  Hmmm, my first dilemma.   I had committed to working out better.  Going with the missionaries is WAY out of my comfort zone, and I could come up with several other reasons to NOT go. But, I didn't go to workout, I went with Sister Jones to visit a few people.  We tried to visit five people but only two were home.  It wasn't too bad, except the big fluffy cat that made it difficult to breathe, but we were able to help out someone.

So, what, you ask is the moral of this story?  Sometimes we commit ourselves to things that are good, but need to commit to things that are better.  You remember the talk "Good, better, best?"  well for a few minutes today a chose the better.  If I  want to be a better disciple of Christ, I probably wont get there by working out.

Good things:
1.  albuterol
2.  a letter from my sister K
3.  taking stuff to the thrift store

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