Sunday, April 20, 2014

Exciting times

Crazy busy and exciting for us.  So, let's start with New Orleans:
G had national school board meetings there.  He is the president  of the Nevada state board, so we went.  Well, actually he went. D and I vacationed.  We had a good time, even though it was a bit too long.  We went on a swamp tour on an airboat.  That was fun.  Who knew alligators are colorblind and like marshmallows.  Don't go swimming in a swamp wearing white!  D and I got a pass for the hop on hop off bus, and saw all over the city.  We took a walking tour of the French Quarter, (in the day,)  I wasn't impressed, and it smells like vomit.  We took a garden walking tour and saw some beautiful homes.  I liked the styling, and the iron work we saw.  We also went on a self guided cemetery tour.  We came across the grave of Marie Laveau!  I didn't know she was a real person, but we would sing a song about her at girls camp, so that was kind of fun.  Of course, I had to sing the song to D.  He wasn't impressed, and I may have gotten some of the words wrong.  We went to the aquarium, and just wandered all over.  The weather was mostly cool, a little rainy, windy, and cloudy.

 We also had some really good food, oysters, catfish, po'boys, fish, creole, and Cajun food.  Good thing we walked all over! 

We were home for a day and a half, and then we were off for K's graduation.  Yes, she graduated from college!  She now has a degree in child development and professional preschool.  I am so proud of her, she will be great in her endeavors, which are...being a Mom!  Yes, she is going to be a mom, and I am going to be a grandma!  I really don't think I am old enough for that, but I will see what I can do.  I am really excited for K and A.  She was offered a job, but decided she wants to be home and just be a Mom.  Not an easy decision for a young couple with a husband going to school, but I know they will be blessed for their decision.  Congrats K and A, you are going to be great parents.  I can't wait!

They came home with us for the week, and it was a crazy busy fun week.  It is so much more fun when there are more of us in this quiet house.  D agrees, and is so lonely with just G and I.  Sorry, that's how it is!  We had a general conference trivia night for FHE. (if you haven't done that before, you should, so much fun!)  We had a pampered chef party so K could get some fun things for her kitchen.  We went to lunch(es), went to the gym, A and G played basketball, D and A went driving out in the desert, went to a swim meet (D didn't have a great day, but, he is getting better) went to the movie "Divergent", colored eggs, played croquet, soccer, wiffle ball, and of course ate lots of good food.  Add some work in there too, and that was our week.  What a week!

So today, we are back to quiet and boring.

But, today is Easter, and I am so thankful for all of the above,  none of it would be possible without Jesus Christ.  I know He lives, He loves me, and I can return to my Heavenly Father because of His sacrifice.  All I have and all I can become is BECAUSE of HIM.

Good Things:
1.  Jesus Christ
2.  Graduation
3.  A grand baby

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Wendy said...

Exciting time for sure! Congratulations :)