Sunday, September 7, 2014

D - he keeps our life interesting

I am so far behind! Is it September already?
Just a few things about him and what has kept him busy the last several months.
 He cleans up pretty nicely.
 He turned 16 and can drive himself all over town.
 All State Choir - Apparently he sings.
 Strutting his muscular physique for the swim team.
 Snake hunter.
 Winning team of the Dust Devil Triathalon - by  8 minutes!
 Night of Boxing - I still don't like to watch it. He lost by a smidgen, But his fight won "fight of the Night."   He did make me proud, in a weird sort of way.  He worked so hard for this fight.

 He likes to hug me like this.  I think so I can remember he is bigger than me!

 We painted all the trim on the house.  I learned I don't like heights. 
 He does, but not a shaky ladder.  He did it anyways.
 Baptisms in the temple with friends while the parents accompanied a soon to be missionary.
 the "Cool Guys"
 Trying to be Grandpa
I love this silly boy!
Currently, he has started school.  He is doing a new program that will give him dual credits at the high school, and towards college.  He made the varsity soccer team, so that keeps him busy too.  He leaves by 6:45 every morning, and doesn't return home until at least 5:45.  It gets kind of lonely at my house these days.  He is a good worker.  I had a hard time scheduling him to work for me this summer, because he was working for Grandma and keeping up the yard work at the office.  He is so much fun, and at the same time, so annoying!  The future is bright for this kid!

Good Things:
1.  children who keep me entertained
2.  children who are motivated
3.  a bright future

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