Monday, January 16, 2017

January 13, 2017

This week was pretty much exactly the same as last week. They have our days to every 15 minutes planned out, there's not much new. Tomorrow we start teaching real investigators so I'm excited for that. We have role play lessons with our teachers, which is good but it's hard for me to get too into it or to pray for fake people. Yesterday my fake investigator that we've been teaching for a week told us she has drug problems and is in a custody battle for her daughter, which shook things up pretty good, especially because my companion didn't understand what was going on and I was changing the lesson plan. That makes lessons difficult sometimes. We're going to the temple today, it's closed so that's lame but they said the visitor center will be fun town. It's fun to be outside the walls. My district is still fun and we are still learning cool stuff. Last Sunday we talked about the light of Christ and the Holy Ghost and the difference and it didn't make a ton of sense, but this week our district talked about it some and it was really cool. The light of Christ is the inherent goodness in people, because Christ's grace is so perfect it is in everyone. We compared Christ's light to real light, it helps stuff grow and brings warmth and makes you happier and stuff, idk. But the light of Christ is you realizing that you maybe shouldn't touch the stove, and the Holy Ghost is like your mom telling you not to touch the stove. As a district we couldn't find anywhere in the scriptures where it mentions the holy ghost in the preexistence or where the holy ghost comes from, but we know he took Adam to get baptized and the beginning of the world, but then he wasn't on the earth again until after Christ died. We didn't have a teacher for any of this so maybe we're wrong, but that's what we figured out as a district. Also we learned that when the money changers are in the temple and Jesus goes and chastises them, but the head priest was making money off of the money changers by renting out plots in the temple so he gets mad and threatens Jesus,  and Jesus says "destroy my temple and i will raise it up in 3 days" and     you think he is talking about the temple until you realize your body is a temple and he was talking about the resurrection. Not much new is going on, we play soccer and volleyball a lot which is fun. One of the bosses is in one of our classes most of the time, and our teacher is like our age so he gets really uptight when his boss is sitting in our classes which makes things really boring. Idk what else to say.  Does my truck work?  Tell Andrew I'm mad he didn't email again. What's going on with life in fallon? Is everything still frozen? I should've brought a better jacket. Are you gonna get my retainer here? I love you. Let me know what's new, and tell Baylee to email me please.

It is fun here, i feel unproductive which isnt my favorite but im having fun. Thanks for the videos. I hope my retainer gets here too. Its going to wreck my mouth when i wear it after having not worn it for a month

Mom: Why don't you feel productive?

because i am not learning much spanish, ive plateaud a lot. we arent shceduled to learn present regular verbs until day 30, and thats what you learn first week of freshman year. I try to practice speaking, but i feel like sitting in a classroom isnt the best way for me to learn at this point

Also, everyone in my district thinks you hate me because you havent sent me any packages ;) i wouldnt complain if you sent me some jerky or something through that website :p

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